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October 2021
October update: Bulk cost update and conversion statuses

October brought to Voluum some useful features designed to make working with Voluum easier. For starters, there’s the Bulk cost update feature that allows you to update or restore costs manually for multiple campaigns. Then there’s the Conversion statuses feature, which may tell you if conversions from your integrated traffic sources have been uploaded successfully.

Bulk cost update

This feature allows you to select multiple campaigns and update their costs all at once.

You can provide different cost values and select different currencies for each campaign.

The rules are:

  • Campaign cannot be archived
  • You cannot update costs for DSP campaigns
  • Campaign needs to have at least one visit
Conversion status

The Automizer has now got a significant update. This update displays you a detailed information about each conversion: its timestamp, external ID, payout, and status.

If the conversion upload status is failed, you will get a short explanation on the probable reason.

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