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October 2020
New bid values for Taboola in Voluum, bidding on the campaign level with Automizer, and customizable user notifications

See the exact same bid value in Voluum as in your traffic source, change bids with auto-rules, and choose which users specifically will get Automizer alerts.

New Bid Values for Taboola in Voluum

We’re taking our Taboola integration a step further for your convenience. From now on, instead of seeing a specific value in Voluum (e.g. $0.5), you’ll get the same data you’d see in the traffic source (i.e. 110%). 

This will surely make your work process even more seamless and efficient.

Find out everything about the Voluum-Taboola integration. Check out this article or this video tutorial.

Changing bids on the campaign level with Automizer

We’re adding a new action type to Automizer rules: changing bids.
From now, you can change bids straight from Voluum on the campaign level.

Learn everything about creating auto-rules in Automizer here.

Customize user notifications in Automizer

Yet another Automizer update that will make teamwork even better!

Now, you can specify which users you want to be notified within the Automizer rules. By default, everyone who can access the entity is alerted, but now you can select specific users to receive the notification.  

This update affects all sorts of notifications, including email, push & inbox!  

Learn how to set auto-optimization rules in Voluum Automizer.

Smaller improvements, changes & bug fixes:
  • Reports now display a number of total rows in a given report in the ‘Sum’ row
  • Removed validation that required entity names to be unique, now you can have multiple campaigns/offers/landers with exactly the same name
  • Added multi-currency support in Automizer rules
  • Fixed a bug that caused two landers with the same URL but different IDs not to be properly recognized by Redirectless script
  • Added a validation on payout value from postback – values of over $1 000 000 are being discarded now. (Can be disabled per account, so if you do actually have conversions of over $1M, let us know)
  • Disabled City/Region tracking for Verizon Media campaigns to meet their compliance requirements
  • New dimension to be used with rule-based paths: referrer domain
  • Added support of changing MGID bids from within Voluum reports
  • Added support for GDPR Consent Strings
  • Added ‘Conversions’ tab in offer report, to show only conversions of a given offer
  • Added an option to group Flows & Paths in reports
  • Added an ability to add an Automizer rule to a campaign during its creation
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