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November 2022
November update: UA Freeze & Client Hints plus a lot of small goodies

This month’s big announcement is support for Client Hints, a Google-developed solution that partially replaces User Agent. Platforms like Voluum use information from User Agent to get an additional layer of data (such as deice type, browser version, etc.) and power some of its features (rule-based paths, for example).

Google’s push to switch from using User Agent to Client Hints forced us to develop a solution that ensures that all Voluum users will keep the same level of functionality that they grew accustomed to. Long story short: tracking will still work even on browsers with reduced User Agent strings.

As a bonus, we’ve also added a feature that allows you to use a coloring scheme for certain custom columns.

UA Freeze & Client Hints

Voluum can use data from both sources: user agent (if it is not reduced) or client hints, depending on how a visitor’s web browser supports these technologies. If user agent is not reduced and only default (low entropy) clients hints are available, we will use user agent. In other cases: client hints.

For redirect tracking: no action is required, the changes affected only Voluum’s backend. Voluum will perform an additional redirect to get client hints if necessary.

For direct tracking: a new version of the Direct tracking script has been developed. This version contains ‘meta tag’, which is responsible for getting visitor data if UA string is reduced. The new version of Direct tracking script needs to be implemented in the <head> section of the web page. If you have used Direct tracking before, please update your script.

Custom columns coloring

The latest update to Custom columns introduces coloring option to monetary and percentage column types. If you enable this option, negative values in these column types will be highlighted in red and positive values will be highlighted in green.

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