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November 2021
November update: Column templates and integration with Yahoo!

November resulted in several updates. Among them, there are Column templates, a feature that you didn’t know you needed but will not be able to live without once you’ve tried it. It allows you to save a column order as a template and use it wherever necessary.

Many advertisers will also appreciate integration with Yahoo! This integration allows to pass conversion data from Voluum to Yahoo! And the coolest part is that you don’t even need to go through the troublesome process of acquiring credentials. This integration is a one-click solution!

There is also the integration with AdOperator and some other small improvements. Check them all out!



Column templates

To create a column template, click the Columns button, set the custom order of columns, and then save it as a template.

Yahoo! integration

Yahoo! integration allows to pass conversion data from Voluum to this platform. There are no credentials required – your requests will be authorized with Voluum general credentials, and conversions will be attributed using Yahoo! click ID.

Smart rotation for all conditions

Now you can enable smart rotation for each rule condition.

New columns in conversion report

You can now enable the following columns in the conversion report:

  • State/region
  • City
  • Path ID
  • User agent
AdOperator integration

The integration with AdOperator offers the full scope of Automizer functionalities:

  • Control your AdOperator campaigns from within Voluum.
  • Synchronize costs for campaign and subid
  • Create auto-rules
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