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November 2020
Campaign markers, new Automizer time range, and whitelists & blacklists automation

Set custom variable markers for entire campaigns to keep track of all your advertising with even less effort.

Make your job easier with a new Automizer time range: “Today”.

Let Voluum Automizer build white/blacklists for you.

Campaign markers

Set custom variable markers for entire campaigns to keep track of all your advertising with even less effort!

Use inline-markers, bulk-markers, and filtering. For filtering, only campaigns with traffic get filtered. So in case a campaign you want to filter with this marker doesn’t have any traffic, you won’t be able to see it.

Learn more about campaign markers from this article & video tutorial.

New Automizer Time Range

We have launched a new time range for Automizer rules – “Today”. It will cover a range from 00:00 of the current day till “now”. You can also select the timezone in another field.

Find out more about setting automation rules in Automizer.

Whitelists & blacklists automation

You no longer need to build your white/blacklists from scratch by yourself. Automizer can do it for you! 

You can use Blacklists to detect poorly performing placements in any campaign and then pause them in other campaigns. 

With Whitelists, you can build a list of placements that meet certain criteria and easily share it with someone. It is available for all traffic sources except Voluum DSP.

This feature is available as a new action for dimension auto rules.

Learn how to use white/blacklists in Automizer with this article or watch our short video tutorial.

Smaller improvements, changes & bug fixes:
  • Added a safeguard to Clickbank integration to make sure conversions synchronized via API do not duplicate conversions obtained via postback URL before integration was added
  • Increased Automizer cost synchronization frequency
  • Added an ability to exclude campaigns from being auto-matched by Automizer
  • Improved filtering out prefetch/preload visits from stats (e.g. when campaign URL is posted on facebook, and it fetches thumbnail and description)
  • Added an ability to postback percentage of the payout to the traffic source via new {payout:X%} token. Available on selected plans only.
  • Added new token to offer URL tokens list: {flow.id}
  • Added the ability to change bids on content.ad directly from within Voluum, with a split for mobile/desktop bids.
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