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April 2021
New Automizer rules form and decimal precision came to Voluum in April!

The new way of creating rules is clearer and more intuitive. Add new rules with ease, knowing exactly what they will do.

While we’re on the topic of making things clearer, you can now control how metrics with fractions are displayed by managing the decimal precision.

New Automizer rules form

The form that allows you to create rules has been modified to include two tabs. The first tab allows you to define rules general settings, such as name, an element this rule refers to and an action to launch, while the second tab allows you to add conditions.

We hope that decluttering of the rules form will make adding new rules easier.


Decimal precision

When a given metric, typically cost or revenue, has fractions, it was impossible to define how such a metric was displayed.

Now you can define the decimal precision to generate more exact and intuitive reports!

Just click the cogwheel icon in the metric’s top bar and select, how precise the fractions should be.

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