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May 2023
May update: Scheduled Reports open a world of possibilities

The quarter’s biggest update are Scheduled Reports. Under this rather unassuming name hides a feature that gives marketers maximum flexibility when it comes to managing their data.

Scheduled Reports allow marketers to create custom dashboards & share them with other parties in various data visualization tools, such as Google Looker Studio, Microsoft Power BI and Tableau. You can now analyze and present you data the way you want, and Voluum will serve as a data source in these tools.

There are also many quality-of-life improvements that make using Voluum even more intuitive.

Scheduled Reports

Scheduled Reports are a part of Advanced Reports. You can find them by clicking appropriate button in the Voluum panel.

Select Scheduled Reports and then set all appropriate options.

Once you hit ‘Request’, Voluum will start processing data and when it finishes, it will send the email with the link to all addresses provided. The file under the link will be updated each day.

You can now set up a data visualization tool of your choice. Read our documentation for more information.

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