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May 2021
May update: Facebook Conversions via API

The biggest update of the month is an option to pass conversion data to Facebook using API. This is a great solution for people that track 3rd party offers from affiliate networks that couldn’t use the Facebook Pixel.


There are other smaller updates as well that aim to make Voluum easier to work with.

Tracking Facebook Conversions

The main way of tracking conversion in Facebook is its Pixel. It’s an OK solution, if you work with your own offers and can edit the offer page.

However, affiliates than run 3rd party offers cannot do that. Until recently, they could use postbacks to record    conversions in Voluum but had no option to send them to Facebook.

Facebook does allow for sending conversion information via API only for verified domains, which, again, exclude those that track 3rd party offers.

With the Voluum May update, affiliates can verify any domain that they own in Facebook and then use Voluum to pass conversion information.

Learn more from our knowledge base.


Offer markers

A treat for all users that love markers! From now on, you can assign them to offers, not only placements. Use markers to quickly identify profitable offers or other meaningful ones.

Hiding data from workers

In an effort to make collaboration in Voluum even more versatile, we’ve launched on option to hide selected columns from workers. You can limit their view to parts of your data on top of limiting their access to various elements in Workspaces.

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