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March 2022
March update: Grouping by conversions for offer owners!

That’s right, since March you can easily see user’s journey by viewing all activities tied to a concrete click ID. This is especially useful for offer owners or ecommerce store owners. You can also group events by various postback parameters, so read more below!

There are also further Automizer improvements that allow you to set bids as a percentage of a given column. Plus, a support for multiple external IDs in a traffic source form.

Group by Conversions

This feature allows you to group within one or multiple campaigns by the following elements:

  • Click ID
  • External ID
  • Param 1-5
  • Transaction ID

What this means is that you can see the whole visitor journey. For example, all event tied to a click ID:

More specifically, you can:

  • Track single users within one campaign
  • Track a user across multiple campaigns using external ID or other postback parameters (param1 – param5)
  • See all conversions within a single campaign by custom variables

Visit our article to learn how to use this feature.

Set bids as % of a column in Automizer.

This feature allows you to create a rule where you tie bids with a percentage value of a given column.

Support for multiple external IDs

In some cases, you need to record more than one external IDs. For example, it can be used for passing wbraid/gbraid to internal system or analytics.

Just create a new traffic source and click the Add external ID button.

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