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March 2021
Pushground integration, cost sources in reports, and the click cap feature

Check the status and control your Pushground campaigns straight from Voluum. See the source of the cost as hints in your reports. Set a daily cap for the number of clicks for a selected offer.

Pushground integration

Auto-update traffic costs, pause & activate your campaigns, change bids, and – of course – set automation rules & alerts. Yes, yes – thanks to our fresh new integration with Pushground, you can do all that (and more!) without leaving Voluum.

Pushground is one of the leading ad networks, specializing in push ads & in-page push traffic.

They enable advertisers to succeed with everything from advanced user targeting and integrated fraud filtering, to campaign automation with a CPC starting at just $.001!

Read more about our Pushground integration here.

Cost sources in reports

As you know, cost can have different sources (campaign settings, manual cost update, integration transfer, or estimation). Things can get quite complicated, especially in drilldown reports or in time periods with multiple sources. 

This has caused some serious headaches for our clients (and us) in the past. To make things easier, we’ve added source hints in the Cost column as shown below.

Learn more about tracking costs with Voluum.

Click cap feature

You can now set a daily cap not only for the number of conversions for a selected offer, but also for the number of clicks. After the limit you set is reached, your visitors will be automatically redirected to another offer.

What exactly has changed in the setup?

  • In the offer form, you can choose between conversion and click cap
  • A new column showing current click cap value and limit
  • A new column in bulk offer import/edit: Offer cap type (CONVERSION or CLICK)

Read more about how our click cap feature works here.

Smaller improvements, changes & bug fixes:
  • We have added a new cost model within campaigns: CPA per event type (cost of conversion)
  • You can now choose whether you want the “Report” button to A) open a new report in a new tab, B) bring you immediately to a new report, or C) have two separate buttons – “Report” & “Report in new tab”
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