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March 2020
Full traffic source integrations, integrations’ health status notifications, and new campaign statuses (read only)

Fully integrate your traffic sources with Voluum. Check & control your campaigns without the need to leave the tracker!

Get a notification if an integration with your traffic source stops working.

Special statuses from integrations and bids for the integrated campaigns have been added.

Full traffic source integrations

No more jumping between platforms as we’ve officially introduced the Full Integrations. Now you can control your campaigns from Voluum! 

  1. Check the status of your campaigns
  2. Pause/activate your campaigns
  3. Bid up or bid down, based on sites/zones & campaigns
  4. Exclude non-converting sites/zones
  5. Auto-update your traffic source costs 

Read more about Voluum’s integration with Taboola, Revcontent, and PropellerAds in our documentation. And remember, this is just the beginning… stay tuned for more updates!

Integrations’ Health Status Notifications

Sometimes not everything goes as planned… This is why we launched notifications about broken integrations. 

If your integration with a traffic source fails or stops working, you will know about it right away. Moreover, we’ll provide you with a file with details about the issue, which will help you fix the problem asap.

New Campaign Statuses (Read only)

To make your life easier, we’ve added special statuses from integrations and bids for the integrated campaigns. They will also remain visible as keywords for your convenience.

For more, check out our article on Integrated Campaign Statuses.

Smaller improvements, changes & bug fixes:
  • Integration with Clickbank – conversions can now be pulled via API
  • Voluum is now integrated with RevContent & Taboola
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