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June 2023
June update: Taboola real costs sync, support for GBRAID/WBRAID & Facebook ad and ad set level integration

June update starts with enhanced integration with Taboola. The update allows Voluum to access Taboola’s exlusive API for passing real costs. While they may still differ slightly from actual cost, Voluum will still periodically access Taboola’s regular API to correct any potential discrepancies.

The second big udpate of the month is the support for GBRAID and WBRAID ids. Google Ads uses them when GCLID identifier is not available – something that occurs on iOS14.5 and up devices that have opted out from tracking. The two additional identifiers can still be used to attribute conversions. You can record conversions with these alternative identifiers in Voluum and pass them back to Google Ads thanks to postback generator.

The last thing we updated this month is the integration with Facebook. Our users can now pause, sync cost and change bids not only for campaigns, but for conrete ads or ad sets as well. The more granular integration with Facebook allows you to run your campaigns more precisely.


The postback generator for Google Ads in Voluum Automizer includes now an ‘external ID type’ token where you can specify, which ID is used.

Read more about generating postback for Google Ads!

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