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June 2021
June update: Create auto-rules from templates!

The seemingly endless customization options of auto-rules can make them hard to set up for beginner users. This is why why’ve added the Rule Library – a collection of most useful rule templates that allow you to automate your campaigns with just a few clicks. And don’t worry, you can still edit those templates to adjust them to your case!

Rule library

Overwhelmed by the number of options that rules have to offer? No problem! Use the search options to define what do you want to achieve and find the matching rule.


Currently there are 20 templates of most useful rules, but more are coming!

Edit shared reports

Shared reports are a useful feature for those that work with outside parties. Until now, a shared report couldn’t be edited and any change to the scope of data required creating a new report and providing the other party a new link.

Now, you can edit a shared report that has already been created without the hassle of exchanging links. Hide columns and change time periods, and your external coworkers will see updated reports.

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