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January 2022
January update: Enter new year with the new integration – this time with TikTok

The most requested integration is here. Connect your favorite tracker’s account with the generation defining app to get all the usual perks, like cost synchronization and automation.

There’s also a new feature, still in beta, which may revolutionize the way you collaborate with others. Click below to learn more about Read-only users!

Tik-Tok integration

Integrate your TikTok account with Voluum’s to not only get automatic cost updates, campaign control from the Voluum panel and automatic rules, but also the option to report conversions to TikTok that were recorded with a postback.

Just go to the Automizer tab, then ‘Traffic sources’ and look for TikTok.

Note that as of time of writing, this feature is in beta and is only available for selected users.

Read-only user (beta)

Read-only user is a new role that the Voluum user can assume, next to Admin and Workers. Roles are a part of Collaboration Tools, a complex feature designed for team collaboration.

With this new role, users can get access to Voluum without edit rights. They can only view stats from the assigned Private Workspace shown in columns that were not hidden from them by Admins or an Account Owner.

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