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February 2022
February update: Read-only users and organic tracking improvements

Since the introduction of the collaboration tools, we’ve seen Voluum as a flexible tool for various user types and different use cases. With the introduction of the new user role, Read-only user, we are expanding the number of use scenarios even more!

Invite users to Voluum without giving them edit rights and control which parts of your data they are allowed to see by hiding selected columns from their view.

On top of this big update there is a smaller one that makes setting up tracking of organic traffic 3x easier.

Read-only user

Go to Settings / Collaboration Tools / Multi-user and invite read only users from there:

Assigned the new user to one or more workspaces and decide if you want to hide some columns from their view.


Organic tracking improvement

Organic tracking allows you to track visits and click that came to your landing page without activating a campaign URL. In most cases, this means tracking visitors who found your page organically, for example, via the search engine.

Before you had to manually edit the direct tracking script to include your campaign’s ID in it, since it has not been passed via the campaign URL. However, thanks to this update, the campaign ID will automatically be added to the direct tracking script when you create and then select the ‘Organic’ traffic source.

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