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February 2023
February update: First-touch attribution

We have great news for ecommerce marketers or offer owners. From now on, you can track first-touch attribution and distinguish it from returning visitors to measure your visitors’ LTV more correctly. The feature is available as a part of our Managed Service.

If you offer subscription services or other types of offers that often cause visitors to click an ad, fill in some forms and then return to the offer, with first-touch attribution you can be sure that the whole funnel will be correctly attributed. Without it, the returning visit would be counted as a new one or organic (if you track organic traffic).

First-touch attribution

First-touch attribution modifies the direct tracking script to look for existing click ID in a cookie before a new ID is assigned. If click ID is already present, the script will attribute the visit to this ID and the subsequent conversion can be set to be marked as ‘returning’.

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