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August 2021
August update: Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads) for all!

This month had passed under Microsoft’s banner. The usual perks that come with API integration, mainly cost update, are now valid for Microsoft’s advertising platform. Connect your Voluum account with your Microsoft Advertising account and sync costs. Want to upload conversion from Voluum to Microsoft Advertising? No problem, we got you covered also in this topic!

Microsoft Advertising integration

Integrating Voluum and Microsoft Advertising accounts is as straightforward as possible. You just simply need to go to Voluum’s Automizer, select Microsoft Advertising as a traffic source to integrate with and login to this account. Once you do so, costs will be synced on a campaign level.

Conversion Upload to Microsoft Advertising

A complementary feature to the integration. It allows you to pass conversions from Voluum to Microsoft Advertising. Conversions, that where tracked using any method (pixel or postback) from any type of offer (third party or your own offer).

To make it work, simply create an offline conversion goal in Microsoft Advertising and then generate a postback in Voluum with the same event name as your conversion goal. You then will be able to submit this postback as a traffic source postback URL in your Microsoft Advertising traffic source setup in Voluum.

You can find the more detailed instructions on how to do that in our knowledge base.

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