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August 2020
Multicurrency tracking in Automizer, Dayparting, and Whitelists/Blacklists

Set different currencies for each condition in your Automizer’s campaign flow. 

Select specific times when you want your campaigns to be active.

Choose values you want or don’t want to repeat throughout your campaigns in Voluum Automizer.

Multicurrency tracking in Automizer

No more conversion rate tracking and constant worrying! From now on you can set different currency for each condition in your Automizer’s campaign flow. It’s time to bring your automated Voluum campaigns to the international level!

Check out this article to learn all you need to know about Multicurrency.


You can now manage when exactly during the day your campaigns are spending money. Go to the “Dayparting” section, open a spreadsheet, and select at what times you want your campaigns to be active.

Automizer will pause and resume the campaigns according to your settings.

Learn here how to set auto-optimization rules in Voluum Automizer.


You’ve asked for it and we delivered: whitelists and blacklists for your Automizer campaigns! 

Whitelists and blacklists are based on various dimensions such as Site IDs, placement names, IP addresses and more.

You get access to 100 lists and you can run up to 500 entries in each. Just choose values you want or don’t want to repeat throughout your campaigns and save yourself the headache! 

Learn more about using Automizer for your benefit!

Smaller improvements, changes & bug fixes:
  • Integrated Automizer with TrafficJunky
  • Added {useragent} to traffic source Postback URL available tokens
  • Fixed a bug that caused some domains with uppercase letters to fail CNAME validation
  • Automizer rules now display last & next run times
  • Introduced Custom Columns
  • Added Workspace ID column in Collaboration Tools tab, as it’s frequently used in CSV bulk upload
  • Integrated Automizer with Content.ad
  • Implemented Impression Forwarding – the ability to return a redirect on an impression pixel in order to load a 2nd one
  • Added an option to pay via Google Pay
  • Auto-saving Drafts of campaigns/offers/landers
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