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April 2022
April update: Futureproof direct tracking & much more!

One of the biggest updates of the year brings you the new direct tracking scripts that can allow you to design and track the campaign funnel you have always wanted. These scripts allow for navigation between pages within the context of a single visit. Direct people to your store’s main page (or product category page), allow visitors to navigate between pages when browsing products, track the click on the CTA button – and all this will be counted as a single visit in Voluum!

What is more, these scripts use cookies that refer to domains of your landing or offer pages, not your tracking domain, which means that these cookies will always be treated as first-party ones – and therefore not blocked!

Lastly, as a part of this update, a conversion tracking script has been modified to read those first-party cookies. You can track conversions on your own pages knowing that even when Google Chrome finally starts blocking third-party cookies, you will be on the safe side.

That’s not the only thing that we have worked on. Enjoy a better calendar that allows you to compare any time periods, even if their length is different or these periods overlap.

For more advanced users, we’ve added an option to track offers that were not added to Voluum – and attribute those visits to an offer that is in Voluum.

Direct tracking scripts update

Since April 2022, both direct tracking scripts have been modified in the following ways:

  • They set cookies both in a domain that you use for tracking and in a domain of a landing page (lander tracking script) or offer (offer tracking script)
  • Lander tracking script enables using subpages between a landing page (a page where a visitor ‘lands after clicking the ad) and a page with click URLs. Both of these pages require lander tracking script
  • Offer tracking script enables first-party cookie conversion tracking. If you want to track conversions with a Conversion tracking script, you should put Offer tracking script on an offer page, even if you have a landing page in a funnel. It sets a first-party cookie with click ID information that will be read by a Conversion tracking script. You also need to pass click ID information in an offer URL using any parameter name.

Scripts used before April 2022 will continue to work. However, we recommend updating scripts to the newest version to ensure the smoothest experience.

Read the Track Multistep Funnels with a Direct Method article to learn more.

Track offers outside funnel setup

This feature enables tracking of various offers that were not added to Voluum. This may be useful for some cases:

  • You have a lot of offers but you don’t need to track each of them individually
  • You have offers with auto-generated URLs

In these cases, you should add an offer that all visits will be attributed to to Voluum and grab the Offer tracking script.

Then you have to modify it to include this offer’s ID. Detailed instructions can be found in the Track Offer Visits Without Funnel Setup article.

Lastly, you put the same modified Offer tracking script on all offer pages that you want to track.

Note that this setup only works for funnels that don’t use landing pages.

Compare any time periods

Until this update, you could only compare data from time periods of the same length. For example, last week to the one before that.

From now on, you can compare data from any time periods: first 3 days of March to the second week in April.

You can see changes in columns, as well as on the chart. See the Getting Started With Reports Step 3: Comparing Changes article for more details.

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