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April 2023
April update: Arbitrage offers from TONIC. integrated with Voluum

Yes, you read that right, traffic arbitrage just got a little bit easier. Thanks to the recent API-integration with TONIC., a partner that helps to monetize traffic with premium search feeds, the ‘final revenue’ event is passed automatically.

Additionally, we’ve introduced several small quality-of-life improvements, as well as DDoS protection mechanisms.

Integration with TONIC. (for publishers)

The recent integration with the TONIC. platform allows Voluum users to automatically pass ‘final revenue’ event data automatically, without the hassle of manually uploading conversions using CSV files. Note that data for remaining conversion events should be still passed with postbacks. All details are explained in the TONIC. article.

To integrate Voluum with TONIC., go to Settings / Integrations and click the Add integration button.

Select TONIC. platform

Provide TONIC. API username and password. You can get them by going to Account / Settings / API access in TONIC. Once you confirm, the integration will be set.

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