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Scaling to 6 figure profits with Voluum & GuruMedia

  • Profits scaled to 6 figures

Innervate Marketing represents many years of experience in a digital marketing business. The initial rudimentary conversion tracking method that it used wasn’t precise enough to lift the business to the next level.

Innervate Marketing started using Voluum shortly after starting up a cooperation with GuruMedia, a premium supplier of nutra, health and ecommerce offers. This allowed it to scale up to levels that were previously unachievable. GuruMedia has brought the company quality offers and Voluum gave essential insights into what works.


Innervate Marketing is an ad agency that currently runs offers from GuruMedia, a CPS affiliate network.


Optimization of offers and landing pages based on detailed conversion data and without wasting hours on inefficient scaling efforts that were based on manual analysis.


Using Voluum postback and visit tracking to get more granular data to learn which segments of traffic bring the most conversions. Enabling optimization efforts with accurate tracking and reporting.

Voluum feature

Anti-Fraud Kit / Automation / Collaboration Tools / Conversion tracking / Integrations / Reports & Analytics / Rule-Based paths / Traffic Distribution AI


Profits multiplied to mid-six figures with proper Voluum tracking and offers from GuruMedia.

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Black box advertising

Running offers without a proper visit- and conversion-tracking solution is like looking into a black box. You have the input (traffic) and output (number of conversions) but you have no knowledge of how everything is connected and how it is all tied together. You don’t know which ad sets or keywords, nor what type of visitors are most likely to convert.

Without a tracker, Innervate Marketing had to assign campaign IDs manually to each tracking link on a landing page and optimize towards this general information. The affiliate network only provided a total number of conversions without any specifics. 

Having so little information, it is hard to even determine what parts of traffic are profitable at all – not to mention scale up your business.

Deciphering the black box

Long-time ad tracker users are so used to basic functionalities such as postback tracking that they can’t even consider running a marketing campaign without it. For Innervate Marketing, postback tracking opened up a world of opportunities to optimize its campaigns

For starters, the company may look at the dashboard for a quick glance at the campaigns. This immediately shows which campaigns may benefit from optimization toward specific keywords or ad groups. Thanks to top-notch conversion tracking, this is a no-brainer.

Voluum can display live data and is able to cross-reference many data points, giving marketers unparalleled opportunities to fine-tune each step of their campaigns. The truth is that once you start using a tracker, there’s no going back to barebone trackerless marketing. You just can’t function once you realize how much data you are leaving on the table. Having this information is just the first step though – the next is to use it to scale your business through in-depth analysis and various optimization efforts such as segmenting your traffic, A/B testing or using AI to distribute traffic in the most optimal way. Voluum provides all these options that all marketers can use and get used to.

That was the story with Innervate Marketing, which, once signing up for GuruMedia and Voluum, became an avid user of both platforms to much of our delight.

“ Voluum allowed me to really grow my business and scale my campaigns. By combining GuruMedia and Voluum I multiplied my profits 3 – 4 times in 2022.”

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