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Cost per lead cut in half on people-finding services with Impact thanks to Voluum

HeyLocate offers an assortment of people-finding services. Their offers, however attractive, are difficult to advertise since they not only need to deal with strict legislation regarding such services from country to country, but also some blackhat techniques used by competitors.

HeyLocate simultaneously advertises its offers as well with partners and it uses a specialized platform for that – Impact.

The problem started to appear when an initially small stream of traffic started to grow, and janky solutions or manual data input weren’t enough.

Two years ago, the company chose Voluum to sort out their data reporting – and the results speak for themselves.


HeyLocate offers people search, phone tracking, parental control, number tracking, and reverse lookups services.


Keeping up with scaling the company’s reach by getting accurate profit and loss reports and detailed insight into conversion data.


Using Voluum as the unified dashboard by integrating it with traffic sources and partner manager platforms such as Impact.


Results: Cost per lead dropped from $7 to $3.5 with traffic increasing 9 times from the moment Voluum was introduced.

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Keeping up with all the moving parts

On the surface, advertising offers from such a specialized niche like people tracking services is easy: you’ve got a specific audience with concrete needs that you can easily fulfill. But when you involve partners into the mix, have to deal with various laws that apply to what you do in different jurisdictions, scale up paid advertising – the basic profit & loss report may pose a problem.

True, there are platforms that help you with managing partners – such as Impact or Partnerize – but they are very specialized and don’t allow you to work directly with landing pages or ads. They only represent a cog in a much bigger, more complex mechanism; in the meantime, HeyLocate needed a control dashboard.

They tried to use bog-standard services such as Google Analytics or Microsoft Clarity. At the same time, partners usually had some kind of affiliate dashboards. While this worked on a small scale, the contours growth of the company forced them to look for an all-encompassing solution that would enable some automation.

As the founder said: “When the cost per click is very high and the volume of the advertising campaign amounts to tens of thousands of dollars a day, decision-making time should be minimal.”

Finding patterns in chaos

Choosing Voluum was the right move. The reports it produced were more flexible and understandable than what comes out of Google Ads. The HeyLocate team was especially impressed with how easy it was to connect to partner platforms using postbacks. Voluum allowed him to amalgamate all data and send it to a traffic source. There was no need for a CRM – Voluum was already doing everything.

But the truth was that each team member was using Voluum in a different way, according to their needs and workflow.

With Voluum, they could all finally see if they were profitable, and, most importantly, why. Voluum had also allowed them to perform large-scale A/B testing. Thanks to automatic-rotating landing pages, they could save hours of work and get better results faster than by doing everything manually.

Automatic A/B testing had also given them insurance against unstable partner systems. For example, if a partner system stopped accepting payments, the conversion number would drop to zero and Voluum would stop sending traffic toward that offer, redirecting it to another offer instead.

Lastly, Voluum helped increase conversions by enabling the use of dynamic parameters on landing pages. These parameters enable displaying city name or device name on a landing page, which makes the whole page more relevant and engaging.

“Together with Voluum, we have built most of our successful campaigns, which translates to hundreds of thousands of users per month.”

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