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How AdQub steadily scales its business with Voluum after testing 5 other trackers

If the name AdQub doesn’t say much to you, then maybe you should refine your knowledge of high-quality ad networks.

AdQub is a network that aims at precision targeting rather than high volumes of traffic. No RON campaigns just to see if something sticks. With AdQub you can launch Run-On-Site campaigns that get traffic from carefully picked sites. This traffic has to be managed, counted and tracked. Not an easy task for a dynamic enterprise. 

They had worked with us for some time since the very beginning of Voluum. Then they tried several other platforms just to circle back to Voluum approximately 6 months ago.


AdQub is an ad network providing precise targeting to Run-On-Site campaigns from carefully picked sites.


Finding a reliable and stable tracking solution instead of building a custom one.


Voluum’s real-time reporting, easy creation, and optimization of campaigns.


After testing 5 other trackers, Voluum was the one that managed to help maintain their dynamic growth & scale at a stable rate.

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In a perfect world, everyone would have a custom build platform. A solution tailored specifically to their needs. But most people don’t have that luxury. Maybe some of the big players only. The majority has to choose between platforms that are available on the market. This is the path that AdQub took several years ago. 

The things they require from a tracker are very basic ones. No fancy feature can trump the elementary requirement of stability, as they admit haltings could mean losing a major part of customers. There’s a lot at stake. You could, of course, build your own custom solution, as we have said above. But apart from the costs, this would make you responsible for maintaining the platform, keeping it stable and running. Not perfect. 

The AdQub’s requirement list was short, but this doesn’t mean it was easy to fulfill. Apart from the tracker’s reliability, they were looking for the following:

  • Live stats and reports
  • Ability to manage and optimize campaigns 
  • Easy campaign creation and testing

And all these points should be connected with a well-known brand with a good reputation. Here comes Voluum.

Have no misconception: Voluum is not a magical tool that prints money. It is a backbone of a successful venture that AdQub already is.

The most used Voluum features are the most basic ones: quick campaign creation, rule-based paths, and reports, reports, reports. Nothing fancy. Just the backbone. 

The main question you may have at this point is: is Voluum good for me?

We are not that cocky to say that we are good for every network. Other networks may need features that we do not have or may not need and be willing to pay for features that we already have.

And it would be ideal for all networks if they could use custom solutions.

The important thing is doing the research by yourself and finding the best fit.

“We were testing Voluum from the very start of its appearance on the market, then we tested many other tracking solutions (market’s top 5) and currently we have decided to go with Voluum’s high-end tracking technology.”

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