Case Study: Why Adextrem Moved From a Self-Hosted Tracker to Voluum

In this case study, you’ll

  • Learn about AdExtrem, and their business needs
  • Discover how they instantly saved money and gained time by switching from a self-hosted tracker to Voluum
  • Find out the advanced features they benefit from now they are Voluum users
  • See why they are big fans of Traffic Distribution AI and Flows

Who are AdExtem?

AdExtrem is an Adult-only CPM ad network with a targeted and an increasingly exclusive inventory. Their traffic is mainly focused on France and French-speaking countries, who account for 70% of their inventory, but they are expanding into other GEOs with a careful validation process.

This traffic comes exclusively from tubes, dating blogs, social networks, email dating databases, and their own traffic. This lets them provide a variety of ad formats including anti-adblocker Popunders, banners, smartlinks, push notification, email and social.

So what made them check out and eventually decide to move to Voluum?

“You gotta check out this ad tracker”

AdExtrem’s journey to Voluum started as so many do, via a personal recommendation. They were in conversation with another media buyer and he started to rave about Voluum. “He told us that Voluum was the best tracker he used because it was a SaaS and the server never went down.

It’s true since 2015 we have had 100% server uptime thanks to our cloud system that uses data servers spread across 5 continents. It also means we can provide redirects in 5ms. But that wasn’t the only feature that persuaded AdExtrem to switch.

Voluum Mobile App on Android Phone

The mobile app was also really interesting to us. The ability to monitor on the go and respond quickly if something is going wrong, or even better when things are going well.

The final factor that convinced us to move was the path and flow system. This really saved us time. We set up flows to direct traffic based on countries and devices per country so we can buy traffic with multiple GEOs and device types but have precise targeting of landers and offers.”

Switching from a self-hosted tracker to Voluum was easier than expected

It’s conventional wisdom that changing to a different ad tracker is going to cost you time and money as you move things over and learn how to set things up the same way in a new system. But conventional wisdom isn’t always right.

“Thanks to the easy user experience and one-on-one onboarding with the Voluum Customer Experience Team, we got set up and tracking quickly. The few issues that weren’t immediately obvious to us were easy to solve thanks to the video tutorials and clear documentation on the website.”

If you’d like to see how easy it is to get set up in Voluum, check out our step-by-step getting started guide.

Instant Payoff

By switching to Voluum, AdExtrem could focus on their business rather than keeping their technology running.

We saw a real gain of time when we stopped managing our own databases. We also really benefited from flows. Now we can set up reusable complex sets of paths that optimize targeted traffic.

This is time we put back into growing our business and has helped us expand. Plus we don’t have to worry about getting overcharged on our servers, everything is handled by Voluum, we can focus on running our campaigns.  

New features, More time saved

Since AdExtrem switched to Voluum two years ago, we’ve continued to add new features and functions to help marketers save time and make more money. Traffic Distribution AI (formerly called Auto-optimization) is one that AdExtrem has found really useful.   

“We’ve been using Auto-optimization since the first version came out back in April. We’re currently running over 400 campaigns with no difficulty. Best of all, we can use the same flow on different campaigns but it’s optimized separately. We can update one flow and it applies to all our flows.

We are currently running 400+ campaigns with no difficulty. We can manage and optimize easily thanks to flows and Traffic Distribution AI.

It’s been a great time saver as we no longer have to constantly watch our campaigns and make manual adjustments in our A/B tests. Instead, we can let Auto-optimization work and party!

Just kidding we focus on growing our business. We can find more profitable offers, GEOs, and test traffic source. All things that bots can’t do…until Voluum works that out too.”

Summary – Time to move to Voluum

By moving from an expensive self-hosted solution to Voluum, AdExterm not only saw an immediate reduction in their costs but they also gained more time. They then discovered the unique innovations that Voluum has brought to the market which allowed them to be more reactive and responsive, leading to more cash in their pocket.

Key stats on AdExtrem

  • Adult-only CPM ad network and media buyer
  • Traffic types: Popunder, banner, smart link, push notifications, emailing and social
  • 70% of their activity is French and from French-speaking countries
  • Using Voluum for two years
  • Managing 400+ campaigns
  • Saved time by switching from a self-hosted tracker to Voluum
  • More responsive thanks to the mobile app
  • Saved time with Traffic Distribution AI and pre-made flows



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