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Voluum Affiliate Tracker

Trusted by performance marketers & the most prestigious organizations around the globe

Trusted around the globe

Key Features

Your Ad Performance Manager

Real-time reports

Create granular reports in seconds. Learn about every ad impression, click, and conversion.

Real-time reports in Voluum tracker
Automatic A/B testing

Use automation to easily test different advertising funnels for optimal performance.

Automatic A/B testing in Voluum tracker
Ad Fraud detection

Protect your clients’ ad campaigns from bot traffic: Spot suspicious clicks & user behavior.

Ad fraud detection in Voluum tracker

Create separate workspaces across your account. Grant different access levels to your teams.

Multi-user in Voluum tracker

Get customized alerts on mobile & desktop when the ad performance suddenly changes.

Notification in Voluum tracker


Works Great With the Tools You Use

Voluum allows for smooth integration with popular digital marketing tools & services.

We provide advanced API & on-demand integrations.

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We Make It Easy for You

Voluum is more than just a smart ad tracking platform. It’s also a team of experts ready to support you in reaching your goals.

Account Manager

Your single point of contact for campaign setup, performance optimization, and integrating Voluum with any other tool.


One-on-one, personalized training calls for each of your team members led by performance marketing experts.


Modifications tailor-made to your needs and new Voluum features developed on demand.


Live webinars, step-by-step video tutorials, and extensive, frequently updated documentation.

Use Cases

Problem? Solved.

Without Voluum
With Voluum
Without Voluum

Hours wasted on combining data from different channels. Repeated every Friday...

With Voluum

No more CSVs, all data in one place. Shareable real-time reports.

Without Voluum

Thousands of dollars lost because of a broken link not spotted in time.

With Voluum

Instant notifications about changes in the campaign performance.

Without Voluum

24h waiting time for the reports to be updated. No straightaway feedback.

With Voluum

Ad spend in real time. Reports always up‑to‑date.

Without Voluum

Data lost because of a small mistake during Google Analytics setup.

With Voluum

Simple setup in Voluum, no data gaps.

Without Voluum

Developers required to connect different data points in one place.

With Voluum

No need for additional development.

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