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Cookie-less tracking & conversion attribution

Forget cookie-dependent pixels. Use reliable server–to–server postbacks to get conversion data, distinguish between various conversion types and even pass them to your traffic source!

Determine which ad variation, lander, or offer brought you conversions and effortlessly optimize your campaign flows for even more.

Improve your ad performance
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Affiliate Marketing Tracking

Track everything in one place

What kind of ads do you run? Native, display, pop, email, search, push, social, video? Paid or organic? Voluum affiliate tracker lets you track it all! With or without redirects.

Thanks to our superfast reporting you can easily monitor over 30 metrics about each visit, click, and conversion coming from all of your traffic sources – with one tool and in real time!


For us, as marketers, there was never a question, what tracker to use for our campaigns.

Advertising Tracking Optimization

Optimize ads for better performance

Don’t waste time & money on wild guesses! Use Traffic Distribution AI to quickly find the most profitable combinations of ads & landing pages for your offers & audiences.

Detect bot traffic with Anti-Fraud Kit. Protect your advertising & maintain good relations with offer owners.


It turned out that a simple decision, such as investing in the right ad tracker, could become a game-changer for the company.

Affiliate Automation Tools

Automate your work with rules & alerts

Stop jumping between platforms! Integrate all your traffic sources with Voluum and control your affiliate marketing campaigns straight from the ad tracker.

Forget costly optimization tools. Use built-in Automizer to create custom rules & let Voluum marketing tracker take action when your performance suddenly changes.

Colin Dijs

Thanks to rules and alerts, I can test my campaigns more efficiently. With Automizer I can really save lots of time.

I used nearly every tracking tool on the market and I always come back to Voluum. It provides the most user-friendly interface and has the in-depth reporting features I need.

Luke Kling

Affiliate Community Leader

I have used Voluum since it was in BETA in 2014. Their GUI is the best as well as the Mobile App. It's my go to tracker for performance campaigns.

Servando Silva

Affiliate Marketing Expert

Voluum contributed massively to my business growth - from $1M a year to $3M. It’s intuitive and user-friendly, giving me the ability to manage large sets of advertising data.

John Crestani

Affiliate Marketing Expert

Voluum gave us the opportunity to skip endless, routine reporting jobs and optimize our campaigns easily with real-time reporting and API integration.

Sergey Marinets

Head of Affiliate Marketing dept.

The Anti-fraud Kit gave me better insights into the quality of my traffic, and the possibility to claim a refund from any traffic source.

Joris Aerts

Managing Director

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