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Detect suspicious visits and clicks

Bots account for almost more than half of all web traffic and can negatively impact your metrics leading to wasted money, time, and effort. What’s more, bots make it extremely difficult to understand the effectiveness of your campaigns and can harm your relationship with the offer owners. To protect your performance and reputation you’re going to need an anti-fraud solution.

With Voluum Anti-Fraud Kit

You can detect suspicious visits and clicks, spot unrealistic conversion times, and get undeniable evidence for chargeback procedures against fraudulent publishers.

KEY BENEFIT Protect your traffic from bots

Access the finest affiliate offers

In order to find new affiliate offers you need to invest a lot of your time and dig into multiple platforms. Postback synchronization, campaign setup, different rules and restrictions. It’s easy to get lost. Instead of reviewing every direct affiliate program, and examining every single offer, you can access them all in one place.

With Offers Marketplace

You can search and compare offers from top affiliate networks, directly in Voluum’s panel. Use our advanced filtering to navigate your way and find the best ones.

KEY BENEFIT Save time searching for offers

Grant access to your data - the safe way

Sharing stats with your partners, media buyers or traffic sources requires a lot of effort. You need to export it to CSV, arrange columns, format data, and above all, make sure you haven't shared stuff you shouldn't have. What’s more, reports quickly become outdated, so if you want them to stay up-to-date, the whole process needs to be repeated again and again. Sounds familiar?

With Shared Reports

You can quickly grant access to specific parts of your campaign data. Decide who, what, and for how long anyone can view your reports.

KEY BENEFIT Share your data safely and hassle-free

Increase your volumes cost-effectively

Once you find a profitable campaign, you do everything to scale it as much and fast as you can. Copy cats don't waste time and nor should you. But before you hit the high numbers, you need to not only make sure that your tracker can handle big volumes, but also find a way to keep your tracking costs down.

By getting an Advanced or a Custom Plan

You will ensure rapid growth at the lowest cost. Annual plans will enable even bigger savings. Decrease your tracking costs per event and maximize your profits.

KEY BENEFIT Keep the costs low while you grow

Start scaling your campaigns today