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Get the most out of your budget by tracking, optimizing, and automating media campaigns with Voluum.

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Learn Why Digital Agencies Use Voluum to Win Customers

Your clients have trusted their marketing activities to your agency and expect outstanding ROI within the available budget and time frame. Voluum Tracker is here to help you stop wasting time on administrative tasks and start delivering target results. Collect, organize, and analyze your data on one platform.

We have been using Voluum for a while already to track our Mobile App UA campaigns. The Voluum tracking tools have helped us build and optimize campaigns with complex KPIs and large amounts of data. The platform has been very helpful for our UA efforts and without errors or downtimes.

Yuval Ron
COO, Volo
Yuval Ron

Big Clients, Multiple Campaigns, One Tracker

Quick Setup

Cloud hosting makes Voluum quick to set up, and with over 20 ready-to-use traffic source templates available, you can start tracking in minutes.

Traffic Distribution AI

When client campaigns grow beyond a small scale, you can automate marketing processes and make the most of your resources.

Infinite Scalability

Run large-scale advertising campaigns with multiple target segments and ad creatives with no need to purchase additional server capacity in order to scale.

Free Voluum API

Apply bulk changes without entering the tracker interface, export all reporting data, and even build your own custom solution on top of Voluum.

Get Powerful Insights into Customer Data

You can’t drive better results for ad spend without knowing which audience and ad placements bring the most conversions to your clients. With Voluum, you get detailed insight into customers’ data and can adjust bidding and runtime settings for maximum ROI.

  • 20+ data points and 10 custom data points
  • Powerful real-time reporting driven by an in-house big data solution
  • Mobile apps to give you an instant summary of your report
  • Unlimited optimization and testing possibilities for more conversions
Analyze campaigns performance

Track Multiple Conversions

If you run multistage marketing campaigns, each step of the customer’s journey is a separate conversion. With Voluum, you can easily differentiate app installs, signups, and any subsequent in-app purchases, so you can focus on driving more user actions along their purchase journey.

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Smash Your Targets, Not Your Budget

When it comes to tracking and optimizing the thousands of campaigns, target segments, messages, and bids that digital agencies deal with, Voluum Tracker is the best way to go.

Multiple Cost Models

Voluum Tracker gives you the desired flexibility when it comes to choosing between CPC, CPM, and CPA cost models. Plus, it lets you set the cost model manually if needed.

Advanced Targeting Options

To make sure you’re not wasting money on irrelevant audiences, you can target specific locations at the city level and target by age and gender. You can also set rule-based paths for maximum conversion.

No Server Downtime

Our infrastructure consists of multiple data centers on 5 continents. If any one of them fails, the user is immediately redirected to the nearest one, and the campaigns are not affected.

Fast Redirects and No Click Loss

Fast redirects are the key element of an effective marketing strategy, particularly on mobile. That’s why we’ve made Voluum redirects take less than 5 milliseconds. The user won’t even notice.

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