Optimize Ad Performance

Want to improve affiliate campaign performance? Use automation to optimize faster and more effectively.

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Direct your ads towards relevant audiences

Targeting is one of the trickiest, yet important, concepts in affiliate marketing. Without addressing the right audience, you won't be able to increase your conversion rates and make the most out of your budget. Unfortunately, targeting at the traffic source level is often limited, so you might end up wasting impressions on irrelevant audiences.

Using Advanced Targeting and Rules

You will know everything about your visitors: from referer and mobile carrier to device model, operating system, browser version and much more. Target relevant audiences only so you can increase the appeal of your message, ultimately lowering costs and maximizing your budget.

KEY BENEFIT Get higher conversion rates

Optimize ad performance automatically

There are always tons of variables to test that make performance optimization really time-consuming. Dripping profits out of a campaign by adjusting bids, refining targets, and launching split tests requires a lot of repetitive, manual work. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a large part of that work taken care of and managed more efficiently than any human ever could?

With AI-powered tools

You can have your traffic automatically redistributed to the best-performing offers, landing pages and entire paths in real time. Put your traffic distribution on autopilot and watch your profits grow.

KEY BENEFIT Save time on manual work and maximize your ad spend

Be alerted when ad performance changes

Want to increase your campaign conversion rates? Then you need to spend countless hours in front of your reports every day, examining numerous metrics just to stay up-to-date with your performance. Now imagine how much more profitable your campaigns could be if you’d spend all of that time scaling campaigns instead?

Using Custom Notifications

You know right away if something unusual happens to your campaigns and offers. Get notifications on your desktop and mobile to take action right away.

KEY BENEFIT Immediately react to changes in your ad performance

Run A/B test on different flows

Anything a visitor does on your landing page provides you with valuable information. You can use this data to come up with hypotheses about the best converting variants and split test them. Basically, every time you start a campaign in a new geo, try a different angle, a fresh landing page, an improved creative set or any other variable, you should dedicate a part of your budget just for testing.

Using Voluum Automation

You can easily determine which of your campaign paths perform better for given conversion goals. Carry out A/B tests automatically and find out where to make changes for improved effectiveness.

KEY BENEFIT Get to know what resonates with your audience faster

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