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Get 30+ data points on every visit

Gut instinct is great, but if you lack relevant data you are unlikely to succeed as an affiliate. To optimize your performance, you need to know exactly what is working and what isn’t. Your audience is a limitless source of information and you need to dig into it. And for that, you need an affiliate tracker.

Using our granular analytics system

You are able to make accurate, data-driven decisions. With 30 standard and custom data points about every impression, visit, click and conversion, you can go as granular as you need.

KEY BENEFIT Conduct a comprehensive analysis

Extract information that matters

Accessing data is only the beginning. To make profitable decisions you need to discover the right angles, spot the latest trends, and uncover pockets of profits. But as the number of affiliate campaigns increases, so do the volumes of data to process. How to convert a bottomless ocean of information into usable information?

With data grouping & drill down

You can navigate through your reports from one level to another, and explore more specific and deeper layers of data.

KEY BENEFIT Turn data into actionable insights

Access campaign data in real-time

Time is money. If you run multiple affiliate campaigns, you cannot afford to waste time on slow reporting speeds when pulling data out of the system. Decisions based on real-time data can significantly reduce the risk of low performance and high costs - and that’s what every affiliate needs.

With instantly generated reports

You can access your data right away, no matter how big the volume of your traffic is. Empower yourself with the ability to react instantly. Seize opportunities and prevent obstacles before they even happen.

KEY BENEFIT Be able to react immediately

Get the whole picture of your performance

Data is only useful if you can draw valuable conclusions from it. Unfortunately, big volumes are overwhelming and make the analysis of affiliate data complex and hard to interpret. Trends and correlations often slip past your eyes, unnoticed. How to get improved insights faster from large data sets?

Using the Campaign Dashboard

You get an overview of the most important campaign metrics such as visits, clicks, costs or profits and are able to easily uncover areas that need your attention or improvement.

KEY BENEFIT Identify patterns

Access reports straight from your mobile device

Affiliate marketing is 24/7. To keep track of your performance you need to spend countless hours in front of your reports. An offer stopped converting? Bots dominating your traffic? You need to be able to react right away because every minute can represent more dollars wasted.

With Voluum App

You can monitor your performance on the go, wherever you are. Easily access your data and get mobile notifications to take instant action when something unexpected happens.

KEY BENEFIT Keep all your relevant data at hand

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