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Discover Why Thousands of Affiliates Use Voluum

Every successful affiliate marketer uses Voluum for tracking their ads. Voluum has changed the tracking industry with its powerful functionality. The cloud-based SaaS model gives you more time to focus on making campaigns profitable while eliminating administrative tasks like server maintenance.

Voluum contributed massively to my business growth from a $1m/year company to doing over $3m per year. As an affiliate marketer, my entire operation is dependent on data aggregation, visualization, and analysis. Working with large sets of data, and organizing it in actionable insights was a massive hurdle for growing my business. Voluum's intuitive and user-friendly platform gave me both the ability to organize my data, and create automated rules to effectively manage much larger sets of advertising data, and grow my business by over 300% in a year.

John Crestani
Affiliate Marketing Expert
John Crestani

Easy Start

Whether you are just starting your affiliate marketing journey or moving to Voluum from another tracker, the setup is only a matter of a few clicks.

One-Click Traffic Source Setup

Create campaigns faster by using the ready-made templates developed in partnership with key traffic sources.

Moving from Other Trackers to Voluum

Online tutorials, premium support, and dedicated account managers make the transition to Voluum straightforward and hassle-free.

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Better Tracking,
More Profit

We know that affiliate marketing is all about analyzing and experimenting. That’s why we’ve designed Voluum to provide you with valuable insights into campaigns and unlimited testing capabilities.

Deep Visitor Insights

Understand which user segments convert better and maximize your profits with over 30 data points.

Instant, Detailed Reports

Reports always load in real time in Voluum, no matter how much data you have. This means that not one advertising dollar is lost.

Advanced Targeting Options

Use rule-based paths to target your affiliate campaigns. Don’t waste impressions on irrelevant audiences.

A/B Tests and Flows

Get higher ROI by carrying out A/B tests and automatically splitting traffic to the offers relevant to your target group.

Your Time Is Money

As an affiliate marketer, you cannot afford to lose money due to delays in tracking, outdated reports, slow redirects, or server failures. That’s why we’ve built a unique infrastructure that can aggregate and process millions of events in real time.

  • Less than 5 milliseconds for redirects
  • Reports generated in real time
  • Multiple data centers across 5 continents
  • Powerful infrastructure, built on a dedicated database
  • 100% uptime since 2015
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Track Everything, Everywhere, Always

Android, iOS Apps

Keep track of all your campaigns while you are away and act quickly whenever performance changes.

Voluum API

Build your own analytic solutions on top of Voluum. Collect data in the best way possible with a free API.

Multiple Cost Models

Define any cost model you prefer. Voluum tracker supports CPC, CPM, and CPA and allows manual cost updating.

Multiple Events Tracking

Get paid for the first and any other conversion that follows. Track every sign-up, upgrade, or renewal.

Scale with Voluum

As an affiliate, you might start small, but as you gain experience, your campaigns will grow to huge numbers. Our tracking tool was designed both for enterprise affiliates and rookies, so you can use Voluum at every step of your affiliate marketing journey. You won’t have to use any other tracker, no matter how big you grow.

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