Voluum Key Features

Learn which features thousands of performance marketers use to track, manage, and optimize their advertising campaigns in Voluum.

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Direct Tracking Pixel

Track paid and organic traffic without the initial redirect. Accelerate the process of sending visitors to your offers, and advertise without limits, even in regions where the Internet connection is slow.

Impression Tracking

Track impressions of your banner ads to measure the impact of particular display touchpoints. Combined with other metrics, impressions will give you a complete overview of your ad campaign performance.

Traffic Source & Affiliate Network Templates

Access 35+ templates for the most popular traffic sources and 15+ for the most chosen affiliate networks to set up your campaigns hassle-free.

Custom Conversion Tracking

Set multiple conversion types to track all actions taken by users throughout their customer lifecycle (LTV).

Tracking Domains with SSL

Secure your affiliate tracking domains with SSL certificate directly in your Voluum account to make sure they won’t be marked as suspicious by search engines.

Multiple Cost Models

Track costs using different models like CPC, CPM, CPA or Revshare. Set everything correctly to see how much you pay, what’s your profit and ROI.

Manual Conversion Upload

Manually upload conversions if your affiliate network didn't fire a valid postback to Voluum.

Manual Cost Update

Manually modify your campaign costs in Voluum if your traffic source doesn't send the cost automatically.

Lander Protection Script

Protect your most successful landing pages by blocking access from visitors or programs that didn't come through a campaign URL.


Extensive reporting

Access your data right away, no matter how big the volume of your traffic is. Our own database ensures reports are generated instantly, in real time. Access up to 30 data points about every impression, visit, click and conversion to go as granular as you need.

Data Grouping & Drilldown

Navigate through your reports from one level to another. Explore deeper and more specific layers of data to get actionable insights.

Traffic Log

Access raw data to get the most detailed information about every single visit. Be able to discover any data mismatches between your traffic source and Voluum.

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Mobile App

Be up to date with your performance wherever you are. Easily access your data and get mobile push notifications to take instant action when something unexpected happens. Available on Android and iOS.

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Get an overview of the most important campaign metrics such as visits, clicks, costs or profits and be able to easily uncover areas that need your attention or improvement.

Reporting API

Manage entities and generate reports using REST API with JSON.


Track your spend and revenue in multiple currencies at the same time and have a clear view of your campaign profitability.


Traffic Distribution AI

Put campaign optimization on auto-pilot. Our machine learning algorithms can examine your traffic in real time and automatically redistribute it to the best-performing offers, landing pages and entire paths.

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Rule-based Targeting

Direct your traffic to different landing pages and offers, based on customized rules. Target carefully chosen audiences to increase the appeal of your message, ultimately lowering costs and maximizing your budget.

A/B Testing for Flows

Run A/B tests automatically to easily determine which of your campaign paths perform better for given conversion goals and to find out where to make changes for improved effectiveness.


Get mobile and desktop notifications when your performance suddenly changes. Set your own rules for campaigns and offers; add multiple conditions; once they're met, get a notification and take immediate action.

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IP/UA Filtering

Add rules to filter unwanted traffic from certain IP addresses and IP ranges or block certain user agent names.

Conversion Cap

Automatically redirect your visitors to another offer, when the first one reaches the daily limit of conversions.

Redirect Webhook

Be able to dynamically override default redirection paths in real time through a webhook-like system.


Anti-Fraud Kit

Stop wasting money on bot traffic. Detect suspicious visits and clicks, spot unrealistic conversion times, and get undeniable evidence for chargeback procedures against fraudulent publishers.

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Shared Reports

Share your live data safely and hassle-free inside and outside your team. Quickly grant access to specific parts of your campaign data. Decide who, what, and for how long can view your reports.

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Organize your work within a team. Create manageable working groups and grant specific access to your associates.

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Invite your partners to collaborate with you on your Voluum account. Customize their access to specific working groups.

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Listicle Tracking

Extend the standard campaign funnel and create complex paths for your visitors. Adjust the content you present to the user to maximize your conversions.

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