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How to start affiliate marketing

In this course you will learn:

  • How to choose a niche and your first offer
  • How to get ad traffic
  • What ad types work the best
  • How to track your campaigns
  • What kind of mindset you need to succeed
Free sign up Course 2

Set up your first affiliate campaign

In this course you will learn:

  • How to join an affiliate program and apply for offers
  • How to get accepted & buy traffic from an ad exchange
  • Step–by–step how to set up, test, and track an affiliate campaign in Voluum
  • How to properly track conversions
Free sign up Course 3

Optimize your campaigns with Voluum

In this course you will learn:

  • How to get more conversions
  • When is the right time to scale up your business
  • How to optimize your targeting, traffic and bidding
  • How to write headlines, design creatives, and prepare landing pages that convert better

Learn affiliate marketing strategies from professionals!

Unfortunately, the web is full of scammers and fake gurus who want to make easy money off of inexperienced beginners…

Affiliate Academy by Voluum is different. It’s led by the creators of an ad tracker trusted by thousands of marketers around the world. And it’s free!

Our courses are inspired by the real challenges faced by the affiliates we work with every day – both beginners and pros.

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A very useful course for beginner affiliates. Short and insightful videos will consistently tell you everything you need to know for running your first campaigns. Nothing unnecessary - just facts, instructions and good examples to follow.

Tatyana Sochiva PR Manager at PropellerAds

Affiliate Academy is a good product that helps to develop the world of affiliate marketing. Use this amazing opportunity to upgrade your skills within one of the most industry-experienced companies - Voluum.

Uliana Moreva Head of Marketing at Zeydoo

Every day we help affiliates to successfully launch and optimize their campaigns. Many of them have similar problems. This is why we created Affiliate Academy - we want to help with the trickiest aspects of affiliate's path, just on a bigger scale.

Aleksander Fronczek CEO of Voluum
  • Certificate of completion
  • Bonus on your first PropellerAds top-up
  • Additional discounts from Mobidea & Voluum!
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COURSE 1: A free course for beginners

How to start affiliate marketing?

12 videos 25 reading materialsreadings 9 knowledge teststests
About the course:

Have you always wanted to become financially independent and not be tied to an office desk from 9 to 5? You're in the right place.

This course is dedicated to all beginners who want to know how to start affiliate marketing. With easy to understand videos & reading materials you will learn what you need to succeed.

Take quizzes and receive a certificate at the end of the course.

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
    to affiliate marketing + FAQs
  • Chapter 2: First steps
    Budget, tools and other essentials
  • Chapter 3: Niches & verticals
    How to find your niche and make it profitable?
  • Chapter 4: Ad formats
    Insights on the most popular ad formats
  • Chapter 5: Offers
    Things to consider before deciding
  • Chapter 6: Affiliate landing pages
    Why and how to get it?
  • Chapter 7: Traffic
    Choosing the right traffic source
  • Chapter 8: Campaign tracking
    Why and how to track campaigns?
  • Chapter 9: Affiliate mindset
    Set yourself up for success
  • Chapter 10: Biggest affiliate mistakes
    How to avoid them?
  • Chapter 11: Time to act
    Launch your first campaign
  • Chapter 12: Final Test
  • Certificate of completion
  • Bonus on your first PropellerAds top-up
  • Additional discounts from Mobidea & Voluum!
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  • Certificate of completion
  • Bonus on your first PropellerAds top-up
  • Additional discounts from Mobidea & Voluum!
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COURSE 2: step-by-step training

Set up your first campaign

16 videos 9 reading materialsreadings 8 knowledge teststests
About the course:

This course is for everyone who wants to start tracking their advertising efforts with Voluum. We will go through each step of the campaign funnel setup together and ensure that everything works correctly.

You will learn how to register to the essential affiliate platforms, how to integrate them, and – most importantly – how to create, test & track your campaigns!

Expect helpful step-by-step videos, reading materials, tests, and a certificate at the end!

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
    overview of the platforms
  • Chapter 2: Campaign funnel
    putting the advertising elements together
  • Chapter 3: Basics of tracking
    understanding campaign tracking
  • Chapter 4: Finding offers
    what to pay attention to? (with tips from Mobidea network)
  • Chapter 5: Tracking setup
    integration of the platforms and creation of the campaign funnel in Voluum
  • Chapter 6: Conversion tracking
    with PostbackURL and Tracking Pixel
  • Chapter 7: Campaign in a traffic source
    step-by-step setup in a traffic source (with tips from Propellerads)
  • Chapter 8: Campaign test
    generating a test conversion to make sure everything works
  • Chapter 9: Landing page
    adding it to your campaign funnel
  • Chapter 10: Set yourself up for success
    Planning the next steps with pro tips from the top affiliate marketers
  • Chapter 11: Final Test
  • Certificate of completion
  • Bonus on your first PropellerAds top-up
  • Additional discounts from Mobidea & Voluum!
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  • Certificate of completion
  • Bonus on your first PropellerAds top-up
  • Additional discounts from Mobidea & Voluum!
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COURSE 3: affiliate marketing strategies

Optimize your campaigns with Voluum

10 videos 8 reading materialsreadings 8 knowledge teststests
About the course:

Optimization is the key to profit in affiliate marketing. That’s why in this course you will learn how to analyze & fine-tune campaigns to maximize the number of conversions and increase your profit.

You will master many useful tricks for effective testing, bidding & targeting. You will discover how to write and design better ads & landing pages and learn to save your time and increase ad performance with campaign automation.

Are you ready for the real profits?

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
    to optimization techniques
  • Chapter 2: Getting your campaigns ready
    Campaign testing and useful metrics to follow
  • Chapter 3: Analyze & optimize (part 1)
    A/B testing, CTR and placements
  • Chapter 4: Set the right bids
    get traffic for what it’s worth
  • Chapter 5: Analyze and optimize (part 2)
    getting to know the right features
  • Chapter 6: Use Automation
    auto-rules and other useful tricks for auto-campaign optimization
  • Chapter 7: Improve your ads and headlines
    creating the perfect ad
  • Chapter 8: Work on your landing page
    technical and creative aspects of a converting landing page
  • Chapter 9: Make it work
    affiliate angles that actually work
  • Chapter 10: Final Test
  • Certificate of completion
  • Bonus on your first PropellerAds top-up
  • Additional discounts from Mobidea & Voluum!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Need more convincing? Let us clear things out for you!


What makes Affiliate Academy different from all the other affiliate marketing courses?

The internet can be a confusing place and the most popular search results don’t always provide the best answers. Many self-proclaimed marketing gurus take advantage of curious beginners and in the end they are the ones who benefit the most from their courses.

Affiliate Academy by Voluum is different, because:

  1. It provides solid knowledge from true experts – the creators of a world-renowned affiliate platform
  2. The step-by-step instructions are created and consulted with the people who actually build the tools you will be using!
  3. It’s free!

I have no experience in affiliate marketing. Is Affiliate Academy by Voluum for me?

Yes! Our first course is for people exactly like you. It doesn’t require any marketing knowledge – just a computer and the will to start making money online!

Affiliate marketing isn’t new to me, but I struggle to make a profit out of it. Will you teach me how to fix that?

Sure! We recommend you take a closer look at courses 2 & 3. They will teach you how to properly set up, A/B test, track and optimize affiliate campaigns. You will learn many useful tricks to minimize your costs & maximize the profit!

Is Affiliate Academy by Voluum really free? Why?

Yes, it’s completely free! Why? To make things way easier for you... and for us :)

Since we are the creators of Voluum ad tracker, we talk to a lot of affiliates everyday. Many of them face the exact same challenges!

Turning all the useful knowledge we have into a series of online courses means less of the same questions have to be asked & answered. You can learn faster and we have more time to come up with new course topics & technical innovations. Everybody’s happy ;)

Do I need any additional software or extra money to spend to complete the course?

Yes & no. If you are a beginner, start with Course 1. It’s a basic overview of how affiliate marketing works and requires only your enthusiasm and hunger for knowledge.

Courses 2 & 3 on the other hand are more practical. They show you how to do things step-by-step using certain affiliate tools.

That’s why – to follow along – it is highly recommended to have an active Voluum tracker subscription, be registered to an affiliate program, and have a topped-up traffic source account. No worries though! All our students get special deals for VOLUUM, MOBIDEA, PROPELLERADS and ZEYDOO platforms!

What is Voluum tracker?

Voluum is an industry-leading tool allowing you to track, optimize & automate all your affiliate campaigns in one place. It provides you with detailed info on who, when & where clicks on your ads. This allows you to spend your budget more effectively and get more conversions!

How long will I have access to the courses? How much time do I have to finish the course?

You’ll have all the time in the world :) Once you register to our Academy, you will have as much time as you want to complete the courses. However, we believe there’s no better way of learning than doing. So soak up the knowledge and start putting it to good use as soon as possible. Your affiliate dream is waiting!

How long does it take to complete all Academy courses?

Our classes are full of videos & reading materials, so everything depends on the way you like to absorb new knowledge. Will you focus 100% on learning? Or do you prefer jumping in and out of it and working in the meantime? That’s the beauty of our Academy – how you approach it is entirely up to you!

Will there be more courses in the Academy?

Definitely! We are just getting started. Every day we get inspired by affiliate marketers from around the world and come up with fresh ideas. Register to Affiliate Academy by Voluum and we will keep you posted about new courses!

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