30 min

Free online webinar

How to Create Your Own Affiliate CPA Marketing Business – with Colin Dijs

During this training, you will get to know a proven system for INSTANT results – even if you have never had a conversion. The step-by-step format helps you understand and implement the fail-proof system. It can work for anyone, as long as you put in the work, and take action!

After this free webinar you will know:

  • What CPA Affiliate Marketing is
  • How to focus on traffic methods of 2020, not 2005
  • How to scale your business with our system regardless of where you’re starting at
  • How to master the system without being a tech wizard

About Your Hosts

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I’m a seven-figure affiliate marketer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. You might know me from my YouTube channel or Facebook Group where I teach affiliate marketing. As the owner of Dijs University, I train hundreds of affiliates every month.

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Senior Customer Success Manager

I help customers who are new to ad tracking to get started the right way - without tracking setup errors that cost your profits.

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