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Maximize user acquisition on mobile and desktop by managing, automating, and scaling all your media campaigns in one interface.

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Learn Why In-House Media Buyers Trust Voluum

In-house media buyers face the challenge of running a large number of high-performing media campaigns across multiple traffic sources. Logging into each one can be very time consuming. Voluum tracker gives you visibility over all your campaigns, from all traffic sources, in one dashboard. We save you time with campaign optimization.

With Voluum we are able to slice enormous amounts of our traffic data to help us make quick and smart optimization decisions. This has made significant difference to our business growth. Additionally, the super friendly lightweight user interface and support are excellent. To sum it up in two words: It Rocks!

Akash Bhargava
Co-Founder, ClickByte Media
Akash Bhargava

Set Up Instantly, Scale Easily

Our tracking platform is hosted in the cloud. Instead of wasting time and money on server setup and management, you can concentrate on testing, optimizing, and scaling your media campaigns for maximum user acquisition.

Cloud tracking platform

Manage Campaign Performance Effectively

Multiple Cost Models Supported

Allocate your advertising dollars wisely with CPC, CPM, CPA, or RevShare cost models.

Advanced Targeting

Make sure your best-performing ads are seen by the right audience with our advanced targeting options.

Unlimited Testing Capabilities

Create flows, run A/B tests and automatically send traffic to the offers that perform the most for higher conversion rates.

Multiple Conversion Tracking

Keep track of all conversions made by a specific user and optimize the flow for more profit.

Voluum API

With a free API at hand, you can do bulk changes in Voluum remotely. Develop automation algorithms to make your ad campaigns more effective.

Mobile Apps

Get instant access to the data wherever you are. React to changes in campaign performance straight away.

Get Control and Visibility Over Your Data

Access granular reports from your traffic sources. All in one place!

30+ Data Points for Actionable Insights

With information about operating system, location, gender, age, and much more, you can adjust ad bids to ensure that your ad creatives are seen. Find valuable users who are more likely to convert.


To give in-house performance marketers full visibility into how media campaigns perform, Voluum offers instant and detailed reports. You can track costs, conversions, and profit in real time and improve poor ROI immediately.

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Gain Efficiency Without Risks

Don’t risk the budget. Use a solution that puts your team in the winning position. Scale up to the infinity with a reliable and fast infrastructure. Learn from your historical data.

No Server Downtime

Voluum runs in data centers located on 5 continents. If one data center fails, then the users are redirected to the nearest one, so no business opportunities are lost.

Fast and Seamless Redirects

With redirects happening in under 5 ms, you can be sure no clicks are lost. This is particularly important when running advertising campaigns for mobile.

Infinite Scalability

You can manage all your campaigns directly through the Voluum interface and scale them at will, with no need to set up or maintain additional servers.

Up to 2 Years of Data Retention

Voluum allows up to 2 years of data retention. This means you can quickly access historical data and apply the insights to future campaigns.

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