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What Can You Do with Voluum?

  • Track all your advertising campaigns
  • Analyze data for actionable insights
  • Optimize ad performance
  • Scale your affiliate business


Take Advantage of our Unique Features

Traffic Distribution AI

Automatically A/B test your campaigns and send more visitors to the most converting offers and landing pages.

Anti-Fraud Kit

Detect suspicious visits and clicks, protect your campaigns from bots, and get firm evidence for chargeback procedures.

Mobile App with Notifications

Access your data on the go and get push notifications when something unexpected happens.

Offers Marketplace

Find, compare, and apply for the finest affiliate offers from the selected affiliate networks inside your Voluum account.


Why Choose Voluum?

Track All Your Affiliate Campaigns and Aggregate Data in One Place

Get 30+ data points on every impression, visit, click and conversion to go as granular as you need. Get onboard painlessly and start tracking right away!

Analyze Data to Get Actionable Insights and Find out What’s Not Working

Access real-time reports and find patterns. Create custom notifications to take instant action when your performance changes.

Optimize Ad Performance and Run A/B Tests Automatically to Improve Your ROI

Use automation to redistribute your traffic to the best performing offers, landing pages, and paths. Save money and time on manual work.

Scale Your Affiliate Business and Maximize Your Profits

Search and compare offers from top affiliate networks, directly in Voluum panel. Reach broader audiences. Keep your tracking cost low as you grow.


The Tracker You Can Trust

25 bn events tracked per month
1 0 0 % server uptime since 2015
500 0 customers all around the world


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For affiliates who seek simplified setup, step-by-step guidance and only the core features to track campaigns

$62 $69 per month
  • 1.000.000 events
  • 1 custom domain of your choice
  • 1 dedicated domain with SSL provided by Voluum
  • 3 month’s data history

Tracking Essentials:

  • Group Onboarding Webinar
  • Marketplace with exclusive offers
  • Organic/paid pixel tracking
  • Mobile App with Basic Notifications


For those focused on maximizing their ROI using unique AI-powered tools for optimization and automation

$209 $299 per month
  • 3.000.000 events
  • 3 custom domains of your choice
  • 3 discounted SSL
  • 1 dedicated domain with SSL provided by Voluum
  • 6 month’s data history

Includes ALL Entry features, plus:

  • Individual Onboarding
  • Anti-Fraud Kit for bot detection
  • AI Automation for effortless optimization
  • Custom Notifications for Mobile & Desktop
  • Traffic Source Cost Integration with Taboola and Revcontent


For experienced users with established online presences, who want to scale rapidly at the lowest cost

$419 $599 per month
  • 10.000.000 events
  • 5 custom domains of your choice
  • 5 discounted SSL
  • 1 dedicated domain with SSL provided by Voluum
  • 12 month’s data history

Includes ALL Basic features, plus:

  • 2 Additional Users
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Real-time Routing API
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Can I get an annual plan for more than 1 year?
Yes, you can get an annual deal for two, three or four years. Please contact us to find out the details.
Can I upgrade my plan if I’m already on an annual deal?
Yes, you can upgrade your plan whenever you wish. Just get in touch with our support to make it happen.
What are events?
An event is any action that is being tracked — a visit, a click, a conversion, a registration form that gets filled out. Every time a user is redirected through our infrastructure, we call it an event.
Will my tracking stop after I reach the monthly limit?
Of course not! We know how important tracking is to the continuity of a business. After you reach your limit, your events will still be tracked, but you’ll have to pay for the overages.
What are the overages?
These are all the events that are not covered by your plan. For example, if you’re a Basic user and reach the limit of 2,000,000 events, you’ll have to pay $0.05 per every 1,000 events that exceed the limit.
Do I have to pay to use the API?
The API is free to all our customers. However, our real-time routing API is available only to our Advanced and custom plan users. You can check the API documentation here:
Can I customize my plan?
Yes. You can change the number of events, increase the number of domains, change the number of additional users or take part in a dedicated onboarding. However, if you would like to access additional features, you need to upgrade your plan. Contact us to discuss all the details.
Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?
Yes, you can upgrade the plan in your account settings. The upgrade will happen instantly, during the active billing cycle. If you would like to track more than the Advanced plan allows, we’ll be happy to turn on a custom plan for you — just contact us.

If you choose to downgrade your plan, you can also do that in your account settings, but keep in mind that this action may implicate losing access to some of the features or may lower the number of custom domains and additional account users.
Can I unsubscribe when I want?
You can unsubscribe anytime. Please note that if it happens in the middle of a billing cycle, the plan will continue to be active until the end of the cycle. We won’t charge you for the next month.
How often will I be charged?
You can choose to be billed on a monthly or an annual basis. If you choose an annual plan, you can benefit from a lower monthly price. Please contact us to learn more about the discounts.
Can I migrate my campaigns from another tracker?
If you're ready to switch from another tracker to Voluum, we’ll be happy to help you migrate all your campaigns. Contact us to discuss the details.
Can I track Zeropark events with Voluum for free?
Yes, you can. Regardless the plan you choose, you can track any Zeropark events free of charge.
My needs exceed the Advanced plan. What should I do?
If your needs exceed our highest subscription plan, we can make a custom plan that will be tailored to your specific requirements. Contact our sales team here to discuss the details.
Where can I learn how to use Voluum?
On our main page, you can find a tab called “Free Resources”, from where you can access our documentation, video tutorials and step-by-step guides, and the blog. Also, when you log in to Voluum for the first time, you will be guided around the panel. Additionally, once you buy a plan you'll receive onboarding emails and will be offered a group webinar or an individual onboarding, depending on your chosen plan.
What can I track in Voluum?
Everything! You can track both organic and paid traffic, no matter the source (direct publishers, Social Media platforms, Ad exchanges, Ad networks, SEA, email etc.). You can use predefined traffic source templates or add your custom ones.
Is my data removed after the period of retention?
We store all data and never delete it. If you would like to access historical data, simply upgrade your plan to reach as far back as you need.
How can I pay for my plan?
We accept most forms of payment — PayPal, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, American Express, Diners Club International, Discover Network, and JCB. If you would like to pay with a different payment method, contact us here.
Can I get a free trial?
You can explore Voluum and try all platform features with sample data. Get 7 days access here.
How can I access the DSP?
To access our DSP, you’ll need to fill out the form on Our account management team will contact you regarding further steps.
Do I need to purchase hosting?
No. You don't need to worry about setting up servers and installing software. Voluum is a cloud-based SaaS solution, so all the infrastructure management is on us. Once you set up your campaigns, you can start tracking the right way.
we accept:
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