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Voluum Affiliate Tracker

How Does Voluum Work?

Test & Optimize for Higher ROI

Voluum is an ad tracking software that collects your own campaign data, from multiple traffic sources, all in one place. It lets you test what combinations of traffic, ads, landing pages, and offers bring you the most clicks & conversions.

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Why Do I Need an Affiliate Marketing Tracker?

Make Your Advertising More Profitable

Test ads, offers, and landing pages

Different offers, landing pages, and ad formats - what works best with what? Let Voluum AI automatically test it for you and start sending more traffic to where it converts the most.

Find the most profitable audience

Get detailed reports about every click. Discover perfect combinations of location, device type, IP, and many other traffic aspects to maximize the profit from your affiliate campaigns.

Don't lose conversions. React fast

Stay always up-to-date with your campaigns’ performance. Set custom notifications for desktop and mobile. Know instantly when something changes.

Avoid problems with bot traffic

Stop wasting money and protect your business relations with affiliate networks. Detect and block suspicious clicks & visits with built-in Anti-Fraud Kit.

What Advertising Formats Does Voluum Support?

Track All Ads in One Place

Native Ads
Display Banner
Push Ads

Why Is Voluum the Ultimate Affiliate Software?

Easy and Reliable Ad Tracking Solution

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Quick setup and maximum security thanks to cloud-based structure
Individual onboarding and 24/7 chat support
Friendly user interface, step-by-step guides, and video tutorials
Tracking traffic from Google, Facebook & many other sources
100% server uptime since 2015

Quick setup and maximum security thanks to cloud-based structure

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