Get highly-converting native traffic with ease

Voluum DSP is a self-serve native ad platform created on the Voluum tracker infrastructure.

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Voluum: one platform, two tools

Track and optimize your campaigns. Buy native traffic.

Voluum is one platform with two different tools available:

Voluum tracker

collects every element of your campaign data and lets you track, optimize, and automate all your advertising from a single panel! No matter what kind of ads you run, you can manage all of them in our tracker.

Voluum DSP

plugs into 20+ high-quality ad exchanges and enables you to buy converting native traffic with ease. You have one account that allows you to run campaigns across various sources.

Why choose Voluum DSP?

Access to 20+ ad networks & cutting-edge features

With Voluum DSP you not only have access to a wide variety of ad exchanges, but also the most advanced features at your fingertips.

Everything you need to excel in native advertising, all in one place:

Access to Voluum tracker

Utilize Voluum’s exceptional tracking features to maximize your performance.

Real-time reporting

Compile reports based on three dimensions, eg: Site & Widget ID & OS with a 12 months data retention.


Set your desired optimization goal for iCTR, CPV, CPC, or CPA — and let the algorithm achieve it for you.

Site content targeting

Promote your ad on english-speaking sites related to specific topics, powered by deep learning capabilities.

Rule-based optimization

Create rules that take action for you. Pause sites that do not meet your KPIs.

Advanced targeting

Reach your desired audience with targeting: content category, mobile carriers, OS/OS versions, IP, connection, and whitelist/blacklist feature, and more.

Bet on superior experience

Manage your performance advertising like never before

Unlock powerful solutions. Here are just some of the unparallelled benefits that put Voluum DSP ahead of the competition:

Quick access to 20+ sources

Set up your campaigns under 7 minutes and get them approved within a couple hours.

Complete transparency

Find the info you need about your purchased traffic: site domains / widget IDs / ad space IDs / application names and the approval process.

24 hour campaign approval

Launch your campaigns quickly with approval done in less than 5h. Available 24/7. All information available with rejection reason system in client panel providing immediate feedback about required campaign changes.

Scale effortlessly

Use our Multiple Campaign Creator and bulk creatives uploads to create numerous campaigns in no time.

Exceptional support

Start up, manage, and optimize your campaigns thanks to step-by-step video tutorials, free on-boarding session, and daily AM support. Receive insights about top niches, geos, networks.

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