XenTraffic’s 33% ROI with Voluum: A Story Of Our Longest Customer

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XenTraffic Inc. is a renowned media buying company that specializes in ecommerce, leadgen, Casino offers and traffic acquisition. They are also one of our oldest customers, with successful cooperation lasting over a decade.

The company was founded by Rémi St-Maur – he previously founded 2 of the biggest traffic networks in our industry during his decade of experience in media buying.

His latest media buying company, XenTraffic, monetizes CPA and CPL affiliate offers to help his clients get huge sales through sophisticated funnels.

The XenTraffic team behind its success has decided to give us a glimpse into what makes them profitable and how they are able to use Voluum to maximize their profits. Read their honest testimony and maybe you’ll get inspired into adjusting or reshaping your media buying business.

What Are The Challenges Of Media Buying?

The struggle is – according to JC, the co-owner of XenTraffic – managing data that is scattered around 30 + ad networks. The only way to get a clear picture of what is going on is to put all data in one place. 

Using Excel is out of the question – try putting all data for half a million clicks each month into a spreadsheet and still have time to optimize anything.

Anyone from this line of work will tell you that you need a solution that can tap into these ad networks, record conversions and allow for advanced customizations. Only then will you be able to help your customers efficiently.  

’”Media buying is mainly all about finding the right traffic to the best converting offer. The only way to succeed in our ecosystem is to have the established tools to be able to measure your performance. That’s the main reason we’ve been keeping a strong partnership with Voluum, our tracking provider.

Voluum as a Media Buyer’s Dashboard

XenTraffic Inc chose Voluum as their data management platform in the very beginning and never looked back. According to JC, there was not even a moment during these ten years together where they were considering replacing Voluum.

What JC likes in Voluum is:

“The overall setup. Traffic sources, CPA networks, and Voluum in the middle.”

Ad trackers like to brag about all their features, but in the end, the most important factor is usually the most overlooked one. This factor is reliability. When your data analytics platform just works, handles everything that you can throw at it, and its customer support is helpful and knowledgeable – you have little incentive to look for something else.

As for being successful with Voluum, JC told us:

“It really depends on what type of vertical and offers you are running. In 2021 we achieved an overall ROI of 33% with 181 000 conversions. 90% in the United-States”.

Most non-digital businesses can only dream about such high return-on-investment rates.

From -50% ROI to +50% ROI with Voluum → See how

Voluum can be tailored for the needs of many types of users. XenTraffc’s favorite Voluum feature is custom conversions that allow them to easily segregate conversions by type and payout.

This along with analyzing the most important traffic and profitability metrics (such as visits, conversions, cost, revenue, ROI, CPV, EPV ECPA) is the baseline.

But how can you get such high ROI?

“By doing A-B test, banner rotation, device type, IP range, OS and more.”

Sounds simple?

Only on the surface level.

Voluum supports AI-backed A/B testing. More than 30 data points on each click. Live, fast and accurate data tracking for campaigns run all over the world. Anti-Fraud mechanisms. Automation.

This is not simple.

This is something you achieve only after being on the market for a long time, hiring talented people that listen to their customers, and building the best product you can.
You can directly contact Xentraffic Inc. by email or Skype.

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