Why Email Traffic? Interview with Nelson Montouchet from LiveIntent

Voluum DSP collaborates with 30+ high-quality supply partners to fulfill the clients’ inventory needs. One of our trusted partners is LiveIntent, one of the top providers of email traffic. With 371,802,273 bid requests available daily in Voluum DSP and more than 10 biggest-volume countries (including United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, and Mexico) advertisers have access to a more precisely targeted and engaged audience.

We assume you have already asked yourself some questions such as how does email traffic work or why would the audience be more engaged. If you want to find out the answers to these questions, learn more about our programmatic partnership, and about LiveIntent as a traffic source read our interview with Nelson Montouchet.

You will not only learn interesting insights about programmatic buying of email traffic but also get a grasp of what LiveIntent has to offer to digital marketers.

“Hi, I’m Nelson Montouchet, Director of programmatic partnerships at LiveIntent. I lead LiveIntent strategic DSP partnerships and work with strategic clients on how to take advantage of LiveIntent’s unique supply.

What is LiveIntent?

LiveIntent is a MarTech Platform built specially to operate within the email channel. We have exclusive relationships with +2,500 publishers and brands, a majority of which we help to monetize native and display inventory in their email newsletters and alerts. With publishers like The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Conde Nast, Meredith, etc. all of our inventory is incremental and a completely unique inventory. 

Because email is a logged-in environment, all of our inventory is 100% addressable and deterministic. Because we operate in a world where Identity is key, we can send back a deterministic ID in the bid request and win notification for our third-party demand partners. This enables us to see +250MM unique users monthly across over 200M devices and over 10B+ monthly impressions available to our third-party demand partners.”

From the very beginning, Voluum DSP felt that we’d be a perfect fit for such a reputable programmatic partner as LiveIntent. Can you shed some light on the cooperation (GEOs, verticals, etc.)?

LiveIntent is a partner to over 2,500 premium brands and Publishers. Our platform is the very definition of people-based marketing, allowing marketers to be present where people are paying attention, no matter what they are engaging with. Email tends to be the most engaged channel, way more than social, and we only work with publishers who meet our content quality standards, so our inventory performs very well no matter the vertical. However, we have seen marketers working in Finance, Travel, and Business services have extraordinary success, which makes sense given that Executives are twice as likely to get their news from email rather than social.  We’ve also seen Direct to Consumer brands have extraordinary success as of late on our platform, which is a direct result of the fact that email sits at the center of a marketing plan where you are focused on people, not devices.

Can you explain how email traffic works? 

There are a few steps that need to occur before an ad is served on LiveIntent:

  1. A user needs to sign up to one of our publisher’s email newsletters (and confirm their email address)
  2. The user then has to log into their email provider
  3. Finally, the user has to open up the email and click on “download images” (if the email provider supports it).

Only then is the LiveIntent ad call made and an ad served. This multi-step approach has a few things:

  • There is no fraud on LiveIntent
  • Because of the triple opt-in process, we tend to see higher engagement rates than standard display
  • There are no wasted impressions (As mentioned before, an ad is only served when a user opens the email)

A short animation on how it works: Liveintent in a nutshell

From the perspective of an advertiser, what are the three main advantages of buying email traffic?
  • LiveIntent is entirely incremental to any inventory you are currently buying on the Web
  • LiveIntent is entirely fraud-free
  • You are reaching a publisher’s best users (people who have raised their hands to receive their trusted publisher’s content)
Where would you position programmatic buying of email traffic on the palette of digital advertising? (top markets, main challenges, etc.)
  • Our top market is the US, where the majority of our 250mm unique people reside. 
  • Our inventory is about 65% Mobile, which makes sense when you think about it since email works across every device, channel, and platform.
  • Because email is a different, cookieless environment, it requires a different way of thinking about attribution. Successful marketers can’t rely on third-party ad servers like DCM for accurate reporting. They need to go back and examine post-impression conversions in their DSP. Post click conversions activity will work as expected in both the DSP & Ad server.

What have been the key success factors for LiveIntent growth?

As the numbers of devices, channels, and platforms proliferated, brands and publishers realized they needed a logged-in channel they could own that worked across devices that worked to a tee. That’s LiveIntent’s domain. LiveIntent has pioneered native offerings and built out our ID graph (and perfected the ability to match a cookie to an email hash.) This ability to sit between AdTech and MarTech were key to helping LiveIntent capture more programmatic demand. 

Hope you enjoyed the conversation and, thanks to Nelson, learned the essentials of email traffic. Now you can discover the benefits of Voluum DSP with a variety of native ad formats available, including exclusive e-mail sources and classic in-feed units. 

Key takeaways:

  • Full transparency into the traffic you buy, the approval process and the margins charged.
  • Our advanced reporting (built on Voluum Tracker infrastructure) allows you to notice any changes in your performance. The Rule-Based Optimization feature will pause sites which do not meet your KPIs. Receive insights into top niches, GEOs, and inventory.
  • Advanced anti-fraud processes: Pixalate pre-bid filtering, in-house black-lists, Anti-Fraud Kit metrics for bot detection enriched with Honeypot powered by Voluum Tracker.
  • 24/7 campaigns approval done in 2-5h. Attentive support with onboarding, planning, setting up, and scaling campaigns. Access to an experienced Account Manager or Media Buyer to reach your desired goals.
  • Granular targeting options, Rule-Based Optimization, and Auto-Bid Optimization features, whitelists/ blacklists, diversified inventory – all to maximize your campaign performance. 

If you’re looking for supply partnership, reach out to: [email protected]

If you’re interested in buying traffic, contact: [email protected]

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