ROI 30% Up, Costs 70% Down: Voluum & AppsFlyer as MMP [Tappx Case Study]

The right tools for the right job.

That’s what fathers used to teach us. And some of us listened and got Voluum and AppsFlyer as our mobile measurement partner (MMP) for optimizing each segment of a campaign.

But it’s not only advertisers who use Voluum. One of our beloved clients, Alberto & Ettore from Tappx, a performance agency & SSP, also found Voluum essential for their business. 

In this case study, we will look at how Tappx successfully uses Voluum to optimize their media buying process of in-app traffic and how advertisers can also use Voluum in conjunction with AppsFlyer to optimize this kind of traffic as well.

A Few Words About Tappx

Tappx is an AdTech firm that offers innovative advertising solutions; specifically app monetization and user acquisition for mobile publishers, app developers and advertisers. It also serves as a Performance Agency helping meet the ROI goals and KPIs of +100 direct Advertisers Worldwide.

Tappx is a provider of exclusive in-app traffic, perfectly suited for brand advertising. In-app traffic means that your ads appear inside mobile apps that correspond with your ad. So, sports equipment ads appear in fitness trackers, car accessory ads appear in navigation apps and so on.

Tappx has a global reach and deals with offers from crypto, fintech, gaming or betting, social casino or streaming service verticals.

Tappx has been present in the market for over 9 years and has always lived on the cutting edge of technology. They offer contextual ads that recognize its surroundings to find the most matching offer to the currently displayed content.

This technological awareness was probably one of the reasons they decided to choose Voluum to optimize their media buying efforts.

After testing other solutions (actually most of what’s available on the market) Alberto & Ettore from Tappx knew that Voluum would fit their needs perfectly.

Let’s talk about those.

What You Need to Know When You Run an Advertising Agency

First and foremost, you need to know everything about the traffic you are getting, down to the last details, because you have to know what inventory you have for your customers.

We at Voluum often market the fact that we record over 30 data points for each event. The reality is that most users don’t use it, they focus on some selected data points and stick with those.

Not Tappx – they wanted to know every detail possible. As Alberto, a performance director, and Ettore, a performance marketing directors explain:

[Before Voluum, the pain point was] getting information about what OS or Browser version or carrier is converting better and creating the perfect combination of landers and offers for that specific group of variables.

What they get is the ability to cross-reference data for a single advertiser coming from multiple traffic sources (and mind that many of them don’t report such detailed statistics like device brands or browser versions) and to split-test variants of landers or offers. 

Crossing data for a single advertiser coming from multiple traffic sources, split testing variants of prelanders or offers, reporting important statistics some traffic platforms don’t have (device brand, browser version for example).

There are a lot of performance agencies out there – but with Voluum and the right crew you can get ahead of them.

Voluum for performance agencies

There are four aspects of Voluum that Tappx relies on:

This allows Ettore and Alberto to really understand and craft their purchasing strategy to offer only the best inventory to customers.

Voluum for Advertisers with AppsFlyer as a Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP)

What do advertisers usually do with high-quality in-app traffic? They immediately send it to a landing or offer page. Some may use a MMP platform such as AppsFlyer to get additional data. Others may feel torn apart between Voluum, which is used to track other marketing channels, and AppsFlyer, which is best suited for measuring mobile app performance.

This brings us back nicely to the original point: right tools for the right job. Sometimes two tools.

A clever marketer uses both solutions, each for the task it was designed respectively. 

What would it look like?

You have a smoking brand offer that would perform great on a well-defined audience after some warm-up on a lander that would just click with them. You get traffic from Tappx and use AppsFlyer to measure user engagement.

Then you send users to various landing pages thanks to the rotation provided by Voluum. You can test which approach works and which parts of your traffic you can skip.

When the most engaged audience converts, you can register these conversions sent by your affiliate network with Voluum and report them again to AppsFlyer.

AppsFlyer would be responsible for recording events in the mobile space while Voluum’s responsibility would be facilitating your optimization efforts.

So, the flow would look like this:

With that setup, you use all the tools to their fullest potential. Voluum doesn’t have the mobile SDK to be implemented in a mobile App, while AppsFlyer is not equipped to rotate landing pages or offers. Plus, you can use Voluum to track your other, non-mobile marketing channels. 

Voluum is a team player

Voluum works with multiple tools and platforms to deliver the best results in various scenarios. It can be put inside a marketing funnel, cooperating with other tools such as MMPs or partner management platforms. 

If you want to see how Voluum works for yourself, sign up for a demo or get it now

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