300% ROI on SMS Ads with Voluum: P2P Tech Case Study

Voluum is truly a versatile tool. Some people use it for traffic arbitrage, others for campaign management, lead generation, mobile app installs, or performance marketing. In the case of our long-term customer – Todd from P2P Tech – it was SMS tracking.

We bring you these stories not only to share our customers’ successes but also to inspire others and show them what they can do with the right tools and proper attitude. Just look at P2P Tech’s case.

SMS messaging requires casting a wide net

Todd from P2P Tech promotes auto insurance offers using SMS traffic. This means that he has to send messages to a lot of people.

I send to verticals which are mass appeal so anyone within the USA over 18 years of age can qualify as a lead.

You can’t simply get to typing such huge numbers into an Excel spreadsheet. You’d have to hire a person dedicated just for that. Todd didn’t know at the time, roughly 10 years ago, that there’s a different way.

I basically did not have a way to track performance of a campaign or dataset because I was direct-linking to the offer link and did not include a tracker. This process was flawed in many ways but at that time I was new to marketing and hadn’t yet realized the importance of a tracker like Voluum

The challenges of tracking SMS traffic

This couldn’t continue. Not if you want to run a successful business. Todd realized that there has to be a better way.

I was looking for a way to optimize campaigns.

Optimizing means:

  • Recording campaign-related data
  • Analyzing it
  • Adjusting a marketing strategy according to the findings

Only a dedicated solution – an ad tracker – can address all these issues at once. But how to find a good one? For Todd, it was quite simple:

I heard of Voluum being the best tracker for lead generation and it was my first choice at the time.

Voluum can be adjusted to different needs. It can help you run a partner network, and, of course, track SMS traffic

Let’s look how this turned out.

Campaign optimization with Voluum

Tood needed to get more information on his campaigns and, most importantly, calculate iCTR.

I rely often on ICTR. I’ve learned to use Voluum in a way that suits me best. When sending SMS campaigns, I ping the campaign’s impression link with detailed information about each message. (…) All these variables can then be tracked inside of Voluum which makes optimizing the campaign more efficient.

Knowing who opened your link and who converted is essential for campaign optimization. Let’s circle back to who Todd was targeting at the beginning: “Anyone from the US 18 years old or older”.

That is not very specific.

Do you think that one can get high conversion rates from such a wide and diversified audience?

How many of them don’t have a car?

How many of them have a car but already have insurance? 🤔

How many of them might consider getting a good deal on insurance but simply don’t want to do that via a link in a SMS message? Would a younger and more tech-savvy person respond better to this messaging or rather an older generation? City folks on the go using mobile connection? 🤷

There are answers to these questions. They simply need to be found inside recorded data.

Problem-solving with Voluum

Different needs mean different features. How exactly is Todd using Voluum?

The auto-optimization feature really saves me a ton of time optimizing campaigns. I set the campaign to auto optimize based on ROI and Voluum automatically assigns more weight to the best offer in terms of Return on Investment.

The way this works is that Voluum algorithms learn which offer (or a lander, or a whole path) bring the best results. After a learning period, it drives the most traffic towards the winning element but still tests the other one in case performance changes.

Auto-optimization is a lifesaver when you want to quickly A/B test an offer and don’t want to analyze the numbers by yourself.

The result: 4x Earnings

So what was the overall result for Todd?

I went from hardly breaking even to 200-300% ROI, sometimes even more. I have easily quadrupled my business when I began using Voluum.

We always like to see when our relentless efforts to provide actual value to customers result in their success. P2P Tech is far from the only one that has discovered Voluum and stuck with it. We look forward to spending another several years together.

For all other marketers, give Voluum a try and it will repay you.

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