All Channels, All Data, One Platform: Voluum With Shopify Integration As a Complete Ecommerce Solution

Marketers have been using Voluum to track their Shopify sales for a long time. And for that time, there was not an easy way to connect these two platforms. This was a testimony that marketers saw value in including a performance ad tracker in their ecommerce campaigns.

Now Voluum becomes complete. With the introduction of the official Shopify integration, th e benefits that were always there are much easier to get. The integration allows Shopify ecommerce store owners to track conversion events with Voluum, and therefore, connect all their advertising and sales efforts in one place.

Shopify Integration: What does it actually mean?

The official Shopify integration allows marketers to pass the following data as conversions:

  • ‘Add to cart’ events with optional ‘product_id’ and ‘variant_id’ data. This action can be tied to concrete offers in Voluum.
  • ‘Purchase’ events with optional ‘order_id’ data
  • Revenue and currency used.

In Voluum, you will be able to differentiate between these different conversion events. This is a step up from the previous set up that would simply fire Voluum conversion tracking pixel on a ‘Thank You’ page.

With this data, you can have all relevant information in one place. 

Who is this for?

Anyone that runs a Shopify store and also uses paid advertising to boost their sales. Especially:

  • Ecommerce store owners that manage both their sales and advertising
  • Agencies that run ads for customers who sell products using Shopify-powered stores. Note that the integration requires having access to the Shopify account, so an agency needs to secure that.
  • In-house marketing and sales departments that want to unite their efforts in one tool/

How Does The Integration Work & How To Set It Up?

The official Voluum and Shopify integration uses Voluum app that can be installed from the Shopify app store. This app is used to provide information about your tracking domain and to tie your Shopify products with Voluum offers.

The setup is easy, requires no developer knowledge, no editing of web page’s code. Follow these simple steps listed below:

  1. In Voluum, ad each product as a separate offer.
  2. Grab IDs of these offers by enabling the ‘Offer ID’ column in Voluum dashboard.
  1. Log in to your Shopify store and install Voluum app from the app store.
  2. In Shopify Admin, go to ‘Themes’ and click ‘Customize’.
  1. Click on ‘App embeds’ and enable Voluum app.
  1. Click on Voluum app on the left-hand side and click ’Manage app’
  1. In ‘Settings’, provide the name of your tracking domain.
  1. Go to ‘Products’ and provide offer IDs for each of your products.
  1. Go to Voluum and create custom conversions for ‘Add to cart’ and ‘Purchase’ events. For the ‘Add to cart’ custom conversion, we recommend disabling the “Include in conversion column’ option.

The benefits are coming

Shopify integration is free for all Voluum users that have a Shopify account. We don’t charge extra, we are just happy with your more efficient work.

For all marketers that read the whole article but aren’t Voluum users – this is the best moment to try Voluum with Shopify integration. Bring performance marketing mindset to ecommerce and watch your profits grow.

Get Voluum now!

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