Overcoming the Big, Bad iOS15 – Case Study

case study james prosper

In his own words: 

“5 years without a tracker, running blind.”

That’s from our client, James Prosper who is marking his 11th (😱) year in the digital marketing industry…

5 of those 11 years were without an ad tracker – of course, once he discovered the clarity achieved with some marketing software, James Prosper has been using trackers ever since.

His years of experience in performance marketing have given him a whole bunch of insights – that he’s willing to share 😉 

So, who is James Prosper?

With that much experience under his belt, James has worked in multiple sectors of digital marketing. Currently his main niches are financial and legal, especially focusing on lead generation. 

He runs several types of ads: 

  • search, 
  • social, 
  • native, 
  • and mobile ads 

across various traffic sources. 

These include Google Ads, Facebook Ads and our tracker’s partner channel as well, Voluum DSP. If you’re an advertiser, I’m sure you’ve run at least one of those ad formats and on one of these traffic sources.

figuring out where your clicks and conversions come from

James & Trackers

Over 6 years using trackers, James Prosper has had the chance to try out a handful of them – before he found his one true love. 😉

He started out with FunnelFlux – which did indeed boost his campaign performance. The benefits of tracking in advertising is undeniable.

But as his business expanded, he felt the need to test another tracker to make sure he was getting the maximum for his money.

That’s what brought him to Thrive Tracker. Another affiliate marketing software which was another “okay platform, and did the job.”

But James still struggled with some pretty essential tasks:

  • Forced to manually update costs
  • Creating and managing server only installation
  • Constant issues implementing direct tracking

Sound familiar? 😩

Typically, despite these issues, a strong customer support presence can make up for it.

But James was lacking this as well. Not only was contacting support for answers a challenge, but also the online resources like documentation and educational materials were either out-of-date or nonexistent.

Obviously, someone who’s looking to truly excel in their field needs more than a software that just does the job.

Support + Automation + Direct Tracking + more

So that’s when James Prosper came over to Voluum. And it’s been 2 years here now! 😍

Since then, he’s tried and enjoyed a range of our services: API integrations with Automizer, educational resources from Affiliate Academy, and fast, helpful answers from our Customer Success team.

Campaign setup became a breeze, especially with the “flows function” that allows for landers and offers to be set before the whole campaign. 

Direct tracking through Voluum saved plenty of James Prosper’s campaigns too, fixing attribution issues with Apple iOS15:

Direct tracking meant attribution was even more accurate because the Conversions were tracked server-to-server and not based on Cookies in browsers… Direct tracking on Voluum meant I could look at the numbers reliably in the Dashboard.”

Redirect tracking through Voluum has also changed the game: 

“After multiple ad account blocks in the past on Google and Facebook it feels like I’m ghost-tracking. I no longer get my ads flagged for malicious activity.”

But it’s more than just rainbows and butterflies with Voluum Tracker though – it’s about tangible, measurable performance improvements and boosted profits. 

Facebook, Google integrations for ios15

Real life results with Automizer

With the help of Automizer API integrations for traffic sources like Facebook, Google Ads, RevContent, Propeller Ads and more, it takes James Prosper 

“half the time it used to take to create and launch campaigns. I know where everything is and where to go when I need help.”

Voluum’s Automizer also allows him to set up Auto-Rules which he sets based on if / then conditions for his campaign performance. James actually uses these rules below to ensure consistent profitability (even when he’s not in front of the computer):

➡️ Turn off placements when widgets spend more than 1x the payout with a Conversion 💰

➡️ Increase bids by 20% on profitable placements that have more than 3 conversions in the last 3 days 🤑

If these sound complicated, you always have resources like our dedicated Account Managers of free Voluum Academy to learn more.

Just like James Prosper, Voluum Tracker (and our team behind the software) can help you with automation and our “smart optimization” features, direct and redirect tracking, overcoming iOS15 challenges, and much more!

You just need to take the first step:

Try Voluum Today!

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