How 1 Year With Voluum Brought 25% Revenue Increase: Mansion Case Study

Mansion brings the thrills and glamor of gambling into your home. It’s a safe and convenient way of getting that sweet Vegas vibe without the hassle of actually flying to Vegas.

If you haven’t heard about them before, now you have. If you did, it is probably through one of their eye-catching paid ads that are tracked with Voluum.

Yes, one of the biggest names in the industry uses Voluum to increase their revenue and optimize the way they work. The first one can be achieved through:

  • Getting new audiences
  • Optimizing ad delivery

The second point is managed by simply not having to double-check everything. Here’s the Mansion’s story.

About Mansion

Mansion is an online casino operator that provides iGaming services for players from around the world. Licensed in Gibraltar, it operates under the following brands:,, and SlotsHeaven

Mansion aims to provide premium quality service that focuses on quality experience and safety.

How most iGaming Operators advertise

Most operators, Mansion included, use a combination of SEO and content marketing to get to people that could be interested in their services. Mansion for example has a lot of quality content on their blog in the form of guides and articles. Whenever someone searches for terms such as ‘online casino’ but also ‘responsible gambling’ or ‘what is the best betting strategy’, they could get search results from a casino operator’s blog.

This approach is very much ok: it is free, minus the costs of preparing content. But it only catches already engaged parties. People that would not even think about iGaming as a form of entertainment or as a way of making money are left out.

Young people especially are out of reach by traditional casinos, even if they have an online operation set up. For young people, Vegas just doesn’t have the same flair as it had for their parents.

Paid advertising is starting to be seen by the industry as a way of getting tailored messages to targeted audiences. It’s a bit of a new territory for many operators.

The Challenges that Mansion was Facing

Mansion is big – big enough to have many different marketing goals on their agenda. Their goals are:

  • Brand, 
  • Display
  • Performance

Mansion started realizing that they can’t manage different marketing campaigns without specialized tools. Each campaign type has different performance indicators and different budgets.

Reporting transparency, so ensuring that the data both our media partners and we see have minimal discrepancies was a challenge.

Additionally, they wanted to reach people that have never gambled before. 

We began running paid ad activity to acquire quality users at scale through both paid social (Facebook/Instagram/twitter) and Mobile marketing display networks.​​

Widening the audience was the main reason for them to add an additional stream of users to their standard SEO efforts. 

Lastly, there were problems with traffic itself, and to be more precise – with its quality.

Fraudulent and low quality traffic is an issue. When launching with new media partners, you want to know early on that the money you are investing is going to have potential to provide ROI.

How Voluum Helped Tackle These Problems

Data analysis only makes sense when data is accurate. Voluum solves this by integrating with many popular ad networks that are great for running paid igaming ads and fetches data using reliable API connection.

The Voluum Automizer tool has allowed my team to rely on the data as the integrations with the different networks have been seamless and data has been matched.

Consistent and reliant data is not only the basis for optimization efforts but also allows for data-driven decisions.

Trusting the data from launch to optimization has allowed our team to respond in real time and upweight when scaling profitable activity.

Igaming Business and Voluum

Let’s look more closely on what data online casino operators track specifically.

When you join an online casino, you top-up your account with a deposit that will be used to pay for your games. The number of deposits, as well as the amount of deposits are crucial performance indicators for casino operators. While other digital marketing businesses are focused on conversions or leads, deposits are what interests igaming operators the most.

Conversion reporting with Voluum is the most important for us as it not only provides deposit count, but the API integration provides deposit amounts (that we trust), so we can monitor traffic quality early on.

A Year with Voluum and a 25% Revenue Increase

After using Voluum for over a year, Mansion was able to streamline their campaign optimization processes and save hours of work.

By trusting the data the Voluum platform was showing us as a result of the integration, hours have been spared not double checking the data. 

But the most important outcome came in the form of 25% revenue increase that was a result of several factors:

With Voluum, we were able to:

  • easily integrate partners to our account,
  • source new traffic when identifying fraud traffic
  • upweight media spend based on conversion reporting provided by Voluum. 

Voluum proved that it is an essential tool for igaming advertisers that want to take their marketing efforts to the next level. Paid ads work great for online casinos, provided that they are correctly optimized.

Voluum is used by many igaming advertisers. If you want to check it out, you can explore it on your own or get it now.

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