Our $200.000 Affiliate Campaign Started With a Tracker: Case Study

Affiliate marketing Case Study - Voluum

Big-budget ad campaigns, colorful video ads, engaged influencers – all these elements can work pretty great for the product marketing team. 

But in the end, all our advertising efforts come down to one simple thing: is our product a solution for a real-life problem? 

This is why today, I want to skip all the shiny stuff and share with you our client’s story. 

Dreamin’ is a company founded by a group of mobile experts, who offer acquisition of high-value mobile users. 

Not more, not less, just a story of how our tracker helped them grow.

Backstory: Times of the Neverending Optimization 

Dreamin’s core is the acquisition of mobile users via their proprietary data-driven platform. 

Their advertising revolves around running app download / in app-event campaigns that redirect to Google Playstore or App Store. Their strongest verticals are eCommerce, mobility, and travel.

As you can imagine, business like this requires tracking software. 

Dreamin’ uses Affise and they are satisfied with the reporting and tracking features, but most of the campaign optimization process had to be done by the team manually. 

There were lots of Excel sheets needed to gather data and constant internal and external communication with traffic source platforms.  

If you’re in marketing you know exactly what I’m talking about; It’s the never-ending combinations of variables, we all know so well.

A ridiculous amount of things to test over and and over again…

Wind of Change: The Need For Impression Tracking 

Dreamin’ wasn’t all about switching to a different, more advanced platform at first. 

That was until one of their clients requested impression tracking. It was a deal breaker.

They checked all the tracking platforms available on the market and Voluum seemed to meet their impression tracking requirements the best.

Once they got in touch with us, they tested the platform to find out if that’s what they were looking for. Lucky for us, it was a match!

Thanks to the impression tracking feature, our client was satisfied and we managed to continue running our campaign for 1 more year generating more than $200.000 in revenue.

It didn’t take long for Dreamin’ to see that Voluum could offer them much more. After a while, they decided to go beyond impression tracking and move more affiliate campaigns to Voluum.

Game-Changing Features 

Before they started using a tracker, Dreamin’ needed lots of time to get to know the good sources and then take action to scale them up. It all changed once they got Voluum. 

Intuitive panel and data-friendly dashboard helped them avoid distractions while looking for the sources that worked best. It made seeing the big picture and making the right decisions much easier. 

Notifications helped Dreamin’ avoid constant checks of the dashboard. Once the alerts’ conditions have been set up, they could focus on other tasks. If their source didn’t deliver or have already delivered the full budgets, they would get push alerts on mobile & desktop instantly. 

To further improve their performance and exclude pages that didn’t generate conversions, Dreamin’ started to use AI-powered Offer Distribution feature. This way, they could save time on performance analysis. Voluum was automatically redirecting the traffic to the best-performing offers, landing pages, and paths. 

Thanks to Voluum’s precise geotargeting, we scaled up a brand new campaign to $200.000 in revenue in less than 6 months.

As the algorithm works constantly and consistently, they could be sure that no traffic will be wasted on the underperforming elements.

Betting on Accuracy With Automizer 

Once we launched Automizer, our new tool for automation, Dreamin’ didn’t wait long to start using it. They integrated their account with Propellerads & Megapush sources to take full control over their campaigns. They were happy to solve the problem of data discrepancies and say goodbye to often click-losses connected to inaccurate cost tracking.

Voluum’s Automizer

A clear overview of all their affiliate campaigns straight from the Voluum panel gave them a better understanding of the most converting placements. 

They also started to use rules for their geotargeting campaigns to be sure that the right users are redirected to the right offer pages. 

Conclusion? Getting a Tracker Is Really Worth it. 

Dreamin’ was founded three years ago. In only three years they managed to scale their business and achieve ROI that for others in the mobile acquisition world is unreachable. 

Success stories, such as this one of Dreamin’, motivate us to develop Voluum even further because we are certain that there are many more businesses out there that could benefit from the high-quality ad tracker. 

“We know one thing for sure: Without the impression tracking and the geo targeting functions of Voluum we wouldn’t run many successful campaigns.”

We’re really proud to be a part of their success and wish them every success on their journey! 

Want to scale your business and start running 6-digit campaigns? 

Get Voluum!

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