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The Future of Advertising: The Next 10 Years

680 400 Michał Schindler

This article about the future of advertising has been written by a bot. [Insert a quote from William Gibson about an unevenly distributed future] [Complain that it is hard to be a prophet in your…

Affiliate Marketing and Instagram: Ads Tracking Setup Guide

1170 818 Anna Kvasnevska

If there is one social media platform that’s all over the place today it’s Instagram. All these bugs, constantly changing algorithms, and don’t even get me started on the whole drama around the no-more-likes situation.…

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TikTok Ads for Affiliate Marketing: Now or Ever?

1170 818 Anna Kvasnevska

Who doesn’t like a proper goofy video? We all have our guilty pleasures. That’s probably why people are paying crazy money to feature their ads side by side with the most unusual content. And it…

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How To Build a (Profitable) Affiliate Network From Scratch

1170 818 Michał Schindler

Okay, I can see that you are a bit of an individual. You want to build your own affiliate network but aren’t sure how? There are some business and technical challenges that you’ll need to…

Codewise’s Executive Chairman and CEO Dr. John Malatesta at the WEF Annual Meeting of the Global Future Councils in Dubai.

Codewise Participates in the WEF Annual Meeting of the Global Future Councils

1170 818 Michał Schindler

This week, on November 3-4, 2019, Codewise’s Executive Chairman and CEO Dr. John Malatesta joined the Annual Meeting of the Global Future Councils hosted by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.…

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Codewise Joins the WEF Anti-Corruption Community Meeting in Geneva

1170 631 Michał Schindler

On October 17, Codewise’s Executive Chairman and CEO Dr. John Malatesta and Chief Compliance Officer Milosz Demczuk took part in the Bi-Annual Community Meeting hosted by the World Economic Forum’s Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI)…

Codewise’s CEO and President John Malatesta and the mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio

Codewise Participates in the United Nations and World Economic Forum Meetings in New York

1170 818 Michał Schindler

This week, Codewise’s CEO and President Dr. John Malatesta took part in meetings at the United Nations and the World Economic Forum’s Global Sustainability Summit in New York (see the picture with the mayor of…

Why Email Traffic? Interview with Nelson Montouchet from LiveIntent

2397 1552 Kamila Łuksza

Voluum DSP collaborates with 30+ high-quality supply partners to fulfill the clients’ inventory needs. One of our trusted partners is LiveIntent, one of the top providers of email traffic. With 371,802,273 bid requests available daily…

Affiliate Industry Explained – Interview with Manu Part 2

1170 818 Kamila Łuksza

The second part of our full interview with affiliate marketing legend, Manu Cinca is waiting for you! A super affiliate and an expert in performance marketing, now mostly known for the WTAFF newsletter. He is…

Manu Cinca interviewed by Voluum team

Money, Affiliate Industry & the Rocky Road to Success – Interview with Manu Part 1

878 614 Kamila Łuksza

What does Manu Cinca, a ridiculously successful super affiliate, and the founder of the WTAFF newsletter, know that you don’t? Affiliate strategies? The secret of profitable campaigns? Our crazy industry? For sure. Luckily today you…